12 Little Boys Are Welcomed Home!

This summer, because of your heartfelt prayers and financial support, 12 little boys were rescued from a life of rejection, pain and exploitation as we opened the doors to their new home-the La Source Home of Hope!


For the first time, each one of these boys can look toward a future free of fear and full of possibilities, surrounded by the love of a mom and dad within a safe, nurturing family!


First picture as a family of 14!


Imagine the ripple effects these little boys will have on their community as they reach their God-given potential! 



Thank you for the powerful ways you are making life transformations with once vulnerable children. It is both humbling and exciting to see the Body of Christ working together far beyond what we could ever imagine, bringing lasting hope to children who need it most.


The family shared their first meal together at the opening celebration. Many of the boys have never seen this much food at one time!


Our LSM team shared their passion and joy at the opening of La Source.


We are privileged to serve more than 240 vulnerable children and 40 single mothers in Haiti and Ethiopia. Our small U.S. staff supports LSM’s vision through fundraising and mobilization with the U.S. church. It’s our heart to always empower people in their own cultures and communities to care for the vulnerable children among them. As we continue to expand our ministry in Haiti and Ethiopia, we have growing needs here in the United States as well.


Do you sense God calling you to join the LSM Team? Or do you know of someone who would qualify for this role and has a heart to join this life-changing work?




LSM is seeking to fill an immediate need for a Christ-centered, highly motivated individual to help build and develop relationships with ministry partners via digital marketing, social media, and regional awareness campaigns. Candidates must be willing to work from LSM’s Bluffton, Indiana, offices. Ideal candidates will have professional social media experience, possess very strong writing and communication skills, be able to do public speaking and networking, and be effective at scheduling and making their own appointments. 


Please contact Joe Gerber at joe@loving-shepherd.org to receive a full job description and more information about the position.


Please join us in praying for the right people to continue to join the LSM team here in the States, in Haiti and in Ethiopia.


  1. Share this job opening with a friend who might be qualified.
  2. Join the LSM Prayer Team.
  3. Give to the incredible life-changing work.


Pastor Wilfrid, A New Family & A Chance to Impact 12 Vulnerable Children

There is a brand new future waiting for 12 vulnerable boys.


Recently, Pastor Wilfrid Remonvil, our Haitian Home of Hope Director, joined us in the Midwest to talk about this new Home of Hope in LaSource, Haiti.



Just one month prior, Pastor Wilfrid stood among the ramshackle huts that pepper the Haitian countryside, deeply saddened at the terrible conditions many children in his country are forced to live in. Through much prayer, searching and interviewing, our Haitian team selected 12 vulnerable boys to be a part of this new LaSource family, where their lives will take a dramatic turn.



Pastor Wilfrid has also already worked with a young couple who have a heart for God. Jean and Emise have been selected to be the new Home of Hope parents at LaSource. They are now fervently praying that the arrival of their precious new children, 12 boys they will call their sons, will become reality.


You can come alongside this new family as an ongoing family sponsor to ensure these boys will never again have to go through another day without the love of a mom and dad, or suffer through the night with an empty belly.




Become an ongoing sponsor here

(minimum monthly gift of $35/month.)


Please prayerfully consider how you can partner with us to transform the lives of these precious children!





Since then, hundreds of the world’s most vulnerable children have come into loving families where they are reaching their God-given potential. What a privilege it’s been to be on this ongoing journey together! As we praise God for His work, we’re also humbled to announce that He’s provided open doors for further ministry opportunities as we enter the next 15 years.






Where will your new offices be?

Our new offices are located on the north side of Bluffton at 1935 North Main St. Bluffton, IN 46714.


When will you move? 

We don’t have an exact timeline for moving locations, but we hope to complete the move in the Winter 2017/2018. Check our blog and Facebook for more information!


How are you paying for the new building?

We feel blessed that five partners who are passionate about growing LSM so that more vulnerable children and families can be reached, have covered the cost of the building.


None of the costs for the purchase of this new building are coming out of our current budget for the work we’re doing with vulnerable children in Haiti and Ethiopia.


What do you need the additional space for?

Currently, our offices are filled to maximum capacity and we are extremely limited on what we can do with volunteers who want to get more involved with LSM (see below for information on THE GOSPEL PROJECT, which some of this new space will be used for). We also currently rent additional space at a separate location for our warehouse and shipping. At the new building, we will be able to house everything in one location and have plenty of opportunities for volunteers to grow our community outreach! This space will also allow local groups to learn about Haiti through walk-through exhibits and prayer rooms.


We pray this will become a space where your whole family can learn more about the plight of the vulnerable and serve right alongside us in tangible ways!


What is the Gospel Project and how can I get involved?

The Gospel Project connects volunteers in the U.S. with our Home of Hope families in Haiti! Gospel Kits with a variety of Haitian-Creole books, hygiene materials and other necessities will be packaged at our new offices and then shipped to Haiti, where our Home of Hope families will be able to share them in their communities. Through the Gospel Project, families in the U.S. can actively contribute to the physical care of vulnerable children in Haiti, as well as help share the Gospel in tangible ways. Stay tuned for updates on the Gospel Project, as well as ways your youth group, bible study and family can be part of this experience!


Does the extra office space mean you’re expanding your U.S. Staff?

No, this space allows us to grow our community outreach and volunteer opportunities as well as provide space for our staff and board to meet with more flexibility. While over time we may add minimal U.S. staff for specific projects regarding stateside logistics, that is not our goal with the new move.


It’s our privilege and desire whenever possible to hire local people in the countries we serve to reach the children in their own communities. In fact, we have over 150 Haitian men and women serving in various capacities in Haiti, with no full time American missionaries on the ground. Additionally, our committed team in Ethiopia operates without any U.S. missionaries on the ground as well. We believe in the power of local people, partnering with the local church, to bring long lasting change in their own communities!


How can I help with the transition?

As you know, moving several offices and getting the new (to us) building ready will take some work. If you’re interested in volunteering some time, please email rebecca@loving-shepherd.org for more information.


We’d love to hear from you! Leave a message in the comments or email us at info@loving-shepherd.org.


DONATE to help LSM continue to reach the lives of vulnerable children.


What You Should Know About International Adoptions

Last week, the U.S. State Department released a report about international adoptions in the last year—and the results might surprise you.


In 2015, U.S. families adopted 5,648 children internationally—the lowest number since 1981—representing a 75% decline since international adoptions peaked at 22,991 in 2004.  

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It Takes Many Hands to Make a Lasting Difference

Randy and LaNaeAs we were so happy to report in our Spring newsletter, Randy and LaNae Meyer are heading to Haiti soon where they will serve a two-year term with LSM. Randy will be in charge of a Haitian construction crew at LSM Technical Institute. LaNae will work in hospitality and keep LSM’s U.S. staff connected with stories and pictures. (You can sign up for our e-newsletters at the bottom of this screen.)


As you might expect, moving abroad is no easy task. It takes many hands. Maybe even more than you think.





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Lives Are Changing

LSM’s Annual Benefit Auction in Bluffton, IN

This Saturday – March 5! 


A million details. A thousand thanks. Hundreds of kids helped. One unforgettable evening.


These numbers serve as a powerful reminder that when we pull together, big things happen. But none bigger than the impact on the hundreds children who will be reached as a result of LSM’s Annual Benefit Auction.


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Mark Your Calendar Now for These Powerful Events

As you plan for your year ahead, consider making room for these powerful events that don’t just fill your social calendar, they help fulfill the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children.

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