Unrest in Haiti

“A riot is the language of the unheard.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


On Friday, the Haitian government announced a steep increase in fuel prices (38% increase in gasoline, 47% for diesel and 51% for kerosene) that resulted in violent protests across the country.


In recent months, the cost of living in Haiti has increased dramatically, causing rising discontent and anger at the difficulties of daily life. Fuel increases became a tipping point in already rising frustrations.



While President Moise has now put a temporary hold on this fuel increase in an effort to appease the protesters, the situation remains tense.


It’s been a scary weekend for many in Haiti amidst burning cars, roadblocks and looting. LSM’s staff and families are safe, but everyone remains on high alert.


Please pray for:

  • The continued safety of our staff and Home of Hope families
  • Vigilant caution from our staff as they maintain operations
  • Peace in the country and economic solutions for the poor who struggle every day just to survive
  • For the vulnerable children (orphans, child slaves and at-risk children) who are often the first to suffer the downstream effects of the unrest


Find more background & pictures here.


One thought on “Unrest in Haiti

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