Providing Stable Families for Vulnerable Children


LSM provides vulnerable kids with a unique continuum of care, resulting in self-sufficient leaders who transform their culture for Christ. For 240 children in Haiti, we currently provide: the stability of a loving family, trauma recovery for mental wellbeing, practical education resources, an Impact Program to inspire personal stewardship and achievement, our Gospel Project, which provides an avenue for service and evangelism, and college education and vocational training, which set up our children for long-term success so they can bless their communities for Christ!


Our business brand in Haiti is a Creole phrase that means “New Dawn.” These words, combined with our visual logo of a rising sun, symbolize the new beginning that LSM is ushering in by providing gainful employment, training, dignity, and generational wellbeing to those our businesses serve. Additionally, revenue from our business is used to help at-risk children.

In a country where 80% of adults do not have formal, consistent work, business development is a vital part of creating stability for future generations. LSM is developing multiple businesses in Haiti to provide revenue streams for our ongoing operations, to ensure future growth, and to create many sustainable job opportunities for our Home of Hope children and other Haitians in the surrounding community.