Serving Vulnerable Children Alongside You

We help equip the Church with tools and resources to care for the vulnerable both locally and globally by providing real-world opportunities to be the hands and feet of Christ.


It can be overwhelming to know where to start on your own personal journey to care for vulnerable children. That’s why we created easy-to-implement ideas and practical resources for your family, small group, Sunday school or entire congregation to get involved in caring for the vulnerable. Our offices in Bluffton, Indiana provide practical ways to get the whole family involved in service projects and stepping into Haiti through immersive exhibits. In addition, our ministry serves families across the country in navigating the road to adoption, church partnerships with our families in Haiti and much more!

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We provide:

  • The Gospel Project and other volunteer opportunities with LSM
  • Haiti Educational Tours for groups of all ages to step in the footsteps of an orphan child
  • Free counseling services for foster families living in Northeast Indiana