Business Training in Ethiopia

Did you know that in Ethiopia, LSM provides business training and financing to help our single mothers move past their difficult pasts, develop financial independence, and support their families? At-risk single moms chosen for our program attend free training sessions and receive personalized support and coaching. Our training is built to accommodate mothers who lack a formal education, and it walks them through everything from basic cost analysis to effective long-term business planning.



Bekelu is in the business of raising sheep and poultry. She has four children. Bekelu says: “LSM’s support has given me hope, courage and motivation to work hard every day. I am thankful to LSM for giving me the tools to solve the most difficult challenges in my life. And I’m thankful for my children, my greatest blessings. One thing I hope to have taught them is that God will give them the grace to meet any challenge.”



Mulu runs a poultry and vegetable business. She currently supports two children. Mulu says, “The biggest impact on my life has come through LSM’s weekly spiritual lessons and prayer sessions. These programs have given me boldness in my daily life and strengthened my relationship with God. The training sessions on personal savings and entrepreneurship have been so helpful that I have been helping other women in my village to start their own businesses instead of waiting for someone from outside Ethiopia to come in and help them. Stewardship must start today!”



Desta sells spices, vegetables, and oils to support herself and her six children. She says, “Discipleship with LSM has taught me the importance of working together as a team to achieve success. No matter what difficulties I face in life, I now know that God will never leave or forsake me. He is also helping me to overcome difficult things that have happened in my past so that I can keep my focus forward to the future!”



Semenesh raises cattle and chickens and also sells eggs, vegetables, cereals, and grains. She is supporting three children at home. Semenesh says, “A big moment for me was the day that I was able to buy new furniture for my house. Guests have noticed that I keep my house cleaner now, and I think it is because for the first time, I have hope and dreams for my family’s future. I recently bought land in the hope of expanding my business even more. I’m also thankful for LSM’s training, coaching, and mentoring, which has made our family healthier by helping us live by the Bible.”



Shewaye sells vegetables, grains, and poultry to support herself and her five children. She says: “I’ve found success by traveling to different local markets throughout the week, not just one. By God’s grace, LSM found me when I was near the point of giving up. They provided a loan that helped me launch my business and also made it possible for us to obtain food, clothing and other provisions. I”m so thankful that the children are in school now and that they are receiving discipleship and life skills training. I know that these programs will create opportunities for them, just as my own business classes have taught me the value of hard work, time management and budgeting.”

Business Development in Haiti

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