About Us

Who are we?

LSM provides Adoption Resources, helping families in the U.S. save time and money in the adoption process. For severely vulnerable children who don’t get adopted, LSM creates in-country Homes of Hope to foster long-term redemption stories for individual vulnerable children, as well as their communities. For children who still have at least one parent, but whose families are in dire need of business training and other assistance, we provide Family Preservation in Haiti and Ethiopia. We also provide technical education and practical skills through LSM Technical Education, as well as job opportunities in the broader communities we serve through Business Operations. Finally, LSM’s U.S. Programs provide counseling and essential tools for American adoptive and foster parents.

What are LSM Homes of Hope?

LSM provides vulnerable kids with a unique Home of Hope Care, resulting in self-sufficient leaders who transform their culture for Christ. For 240 children in Haiti, we currently provide: the stability of a loving family, trauma recovery for mental wellbeing, practical education resources, an Impact Program to inspire personal stewardship and achievement, our Gospel Project, which provides an avenue for service and evangelism, and college education and vocational training, which set up our children for long-term success so they can become leaders and bless others!

Why does LSM operate businesses?

LSM operates multiple businesses in Haiti for the purpose of creating revenue streams to support LSM’s ongoing work to help vulnerable kids, as well as to provide sustainable jobs to local Haitians, including the young adults from our Homes. We also want our businesses to raise the bar for what business in Haiti can look like by providing uniquely superior products and service. We believe revitalizing local commerce and inspiring high standards for customer service are key to lifting entire communities!

What makes LSM unique?
  1. Cultural Preservation- 100 percent of staff serving our foreign efforts are locals. We don’t disrupt cultures or economies in the areas we serve.
  2. Comprehensive Care- Through trauma recovery, education, and lifelong relationships with kids, we’re making lasting generational change.
  3. Financial Sustainability- We will always have a great need for family sponsors and financial partners, but we believe it is a strong sign of our stewardship and long-term sustainability that because we’ve started businesses, parts of our ministry are no longer 100% donor reliant.
  4. Kingdom Focus- While empowering people and economies are lofty goals, our main objective is still to share Jesus everywhere we serve.
  5. Core Values- Scripture guides every decision across the organization.

“Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.” Psalm 82:3