Homes of Hope

Together, we’re reaching the world’s vulnerable children – those most in danger of starvation, human trafficking, and abuse. We’re accomplishing this vision through the generosity and prayerful support of our donors and corporate partners, as well as the work of our domestic and international staff.


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Components of LSM Home of Hope Child Care

We place our children in families, which help them find independence and bless others. Still, true family lasts forever. They’ll always be our kids.

We believe the vulnerable children we serve, who are typically orphaned, exploited or severely at-risk, need the love and stability of a Christian family in order to heal and to thrive.

Many of our children have suffered trauma due to abuse or extreme poverty. Before education and discipleship can work, we first help our kids find spiritual and psychological healing through counseling, discipleship, and our unique trauma curriculum.

We provide each child with a quality education, child development programs that emphasize critical thinking and problem solving, one-on-one mentoring support, biblical discipleship, and leadership training.

We instill our children with a sense of stewardship through initiatives like our Impact Program, which rewards exemplary leadership and academic excellence with academic assistance beyond K-12 and our Gospel Project, which gives our children the opportunity to distribute evangelistic materials, food and hygiene supplies to those in their community who are in great need, thereby building relationships and sharing the hope of Jesus.

Starting at a young age, we supplement academic education with hands-on practical skills training, such as music, gardening, public speaking, sewing, and more. In Haitian culture anyone who can sing, speak or play an instrument is thought of as a community leader. We want our kids to know they can be leaders and help transform their culture for Christ starting at any age.

Upon completing K-12, our children move to LSM Tech, a residential campus where they learn vocational skills like welding, auto repair, electrical work and agriculture while completing degrees at the local university. The work they do to complete this supplemental training brings in revenue that helps pay for the students’ educational expenses. Also, these technical skills are essential, because even if a child becomes a doctor or a lawyer in Haiti, they may not be able to find a mechanic or electrician when they’re needed. A broad skillset is a vital aspect of the well-rounded leaders we want our kids to become.

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Abba • Bejamin • Daniel • Esther • Ezekiel • Gideon

Hosana • Isabel • Jonathan • Moriah • Naomi • Zion

For the security of our children, parents and staff, we’re only publishing a partial list at this time.