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LSM’s goal is not to provide temporary or easy solutions to the widespread problems we face in the world. Instead, we’re creating comprehensive discipleship and family-based solutions based on deep, life-long relationships, resulting in authentic, whole-person transformations at the individual heart level. This long-term approach in the communities we serve allows the Gospel to grow in a form that it will be recognized, applied and organically shared.  We believe Biblical renewal starts with the restoration of one individual and moves outward. God can certainly achieve this with a child or parent who has experienced poverty or abuse. In fact, a once vulnerable person who experiences restoration is often uniquely sensitive to the needs around them. Together, we’re cultivating servant leaders marked with a passion for multiplication, discipleship, and the restoration of entire communities.


In partnering with LSM, you are helping the world’s most vulnerable children reach their God-given potential!


Your advocacy and your role in this process are crucial as we work together to bring sustainable, generational healing to the at-risk communities we serve. Each intentional step you take on behalf of one of our vulnerable children, mothers or families helps forge a lasting change that we believe will ripple forward for generations and ultimately echo in eternity. Thank you for partnering with us to transform vulnerable kids, families, and communities for God’s glory!


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