LSM Staff



Doug oversees all national and international programs and operations, and provides help with strategic planning for the ministry. The opportunity to help launch a ministry that could make a huge difference for orphans and vulnerable children motivated Doug to become a member of the LSM staff.

Doug is married to Tonia and they have five children—Ryan, Sophie, Maddie, Ellie and Carter. With a constant eye on the issues surrounding orphans and vulnerable children, he also enjoys reading and learning about technology.

Philippians 2:5-11


Fueled by a 1985 trip to Haiti that opened his eyes to a country full of vulnerable children, Ed founded Loving Shepherd Ministries in 2002 with a passion to care for the millions of orphaned and at-risk children around the world. He continues to lead the organization in new visionary endeavors internationally. Ed and his wife, Jeni, pastored a church for over 30 years and developed a heart for the fatherless as foster parents in the 1980’s. They have been blessed and encouraged to see God move mightily through the growth of LSM over the years.

Ed is passionate about seeing countless children experience the Father’s heart and to have the same opportunity that his two children and nine grandchildren have experienced in the absolute best environment – a permanent family.

1 Chronicles 4:10


Joe heads up domestic operations, including finance and human resources. He also works closely with the Adoption Resources program. Joe believes in the mission of LSM and its very thoughtful approach to ministry. He believes vulnerable children are a high priority to God.

Joe is married to Heidi and has five children. He enjoys studying Scripture and spending time with his family.

Ephesians 3:20

Troy copy

Troy manages the construction and developmental projects in Haiti, connecting those needs to people in the U.S. Being a part of LSM gives Troy the opportunity to prayerfully engage with other believers and go where the hurting are and the Gospel is not.

Troy is blessed with a wonderful wife, Kelly, and three children: Makayla, Curt and Georgia. He is most passionate about his growing family and prayerfully witnessing to others about Jesus and His Kingdom.

Matthew 5-7


Drew serves as a digital strategist on web and social platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. He also provides community engagement and education for LSM. Drew believes strongly in the generational change that LSM is bringing to the most vulnerable, hopeless regions of the world through family-centered, lifelong partnerships. Drew is passionate about advancing God’s kingdom, protecting the vulnerable and advocacy through storytelling. He also enjoys mountain biking, rock climbing, surfing and ultimate frisbee.

2 Corinthians 3:17

B 2

Rick joined LSM in 2007 and serves as the manager of The Gospel Project, overseeing the domestic and international operations of the program.  He is also Manager of Purchasing and Shipping.  He also helps document the important work being done on the ground with LSM through video and photographs.

Rick feels blessed to be a part of LSM and his role in helping vulnerable children.  He is married to Jen and they have four children.

Isaiah 40:31

A 2

Rebecca greets guests, answers phones, assists with various mailings, coordinating support for projects and travel, tracking donations and maintaining an accurate database. She was glad to find LSM where she can combine her previous administrative background and past experience as a wedding planner to use them for God’s ministry and glory.

Rebecca is married to Michael and they have two children, Olivia and Ian. She loves event planning, decorating and reading.

John 16:33


Angie manages general bookkeeping, accounts payable and data entry for LSM in cooperation with Mark Ahrens, our Director of Finance. She’s thankful to work for a Christ-centered organization that shares her values and helps make the world a better place. She says, “It’s such a privilege and blessing to work in a ministry that serves children both locally and worldwide in the name of Jesus. Although I do not work on the front lines with these children, I’m thankful to be able to use my skills to make a difference behind the scenes.”


Philippians 4:6-7

mark a

Mark joined the LSM staff in 2019 as the Director of Finance. He oversees all financial aspects of LSM and provides guidance to LSM’s global financial operations. He is passionate about serving the Lord in a role where he can use his expertise, experience and gifts to help LSM spend each dollar wisely.

In addition to his passion for serving the vulnerable, Mark loves spending time with his wife, Michelle, their three adult children, family and friends. He also enjoys yard work, golfing and watching sports.

Philippians 4:8-9


Jen manages marketing for LSM and shares the powerful stories of impact in the lives of vulnerable children. From print mailings to emails, fundraising and events, she is communicating the message and heart of LSM – to empower vulnerable children so they can transform their culture for Christ!

Jen and her husband, Rick, have four children and are blessed to be able to serve the Lord by caring for the needs of vulnerable children worldwide.

2 Corinthians 4:7-9


Kathy was working as a court reporter when she began praying for direction in her career. Soon after, she received an invitation from LSM’s president, Ed Schwartz, to come work at LSM. Kathy ensures that every donor is receipted and thanked.

Kathy loves being involved with her family—her husband Denny and their adult children, Alyssa & Tyler, Paige & Jackson, and Jenna & Gavin. She also enjoys spending time with her church, friends and volunteering.

Philippians 4:13


Rachel started volunteering at the Bluffton LSM auction back in 2016 and developed a relationship with LSM through that experience.  In 2020, we brought her on as a part-time employee to coordinate additional auctions and awareness events.

Rachel and her husband, Chandler, have three children: Shiloh, Zander, and Tripp.

John 14:27 


Adam oversees the USA Programs in Bluffton that works alongside the local foster care system to support foster and adoptive families. Adam is a licensed therapeutic counselor with training in advanced tools to counsel and help youth who have been abused or engaged in harmful behaviors. He is passionate about seeing young people find healing and then positively impact their community.

Adam is married to Tera and they have three children. He enjoys running, reading and spending time with his family.

Hebrews 12:1-3

Pam is a licensed social worker and mother of six who assists with our education and respite programs for adoptive and foster parents. Starting in 2021, she has facilitated a monthly support group for foster and adoptive families, and she’s now in the process of developing educational and training resources for parents and families as well.


Many know Pam from her photography business, Moments by Pam, as well as from her counseling service, Courage Revived. Pam also loves gardening and trying new recipes.


Nehemiah 4:14

Over the last several years, along with his wife, Lencia, Jean Wesly led our efforts at LSM Tech in Haiti. As a younger man, Jean Wesly grew up in a Haitian orphanage before obtaining a college degree here in the United States. As a result of both experiences, he has powerful empathy for at-risk children in Haiti, as well as strong understanding of team members and advocates here in the United States. He says: “I am beyond thrilled to embark on this new journey, utilizing my skills, story, passion, and faith to bring about meaningful change!” We’re ecstatic to welcome Jean Wesly to the U.S., trusting our teams will be enriched by his contagious energy and unique perspective!


Romans 8:28

Haiti Staff

Home of Hope Operations

Micheline says a big part of her role is encouraging our children and empowering them to reach their full potential. She helps the children track individual progress and reach academic and behavioral benchmarks so that they can unlock advanced educational support through LSM’s new Impact Program. “Working together, LSM staff and Home of Hope parents are creating an environment for these kids’ hearts and minds to be transformed,” Micheline says. “We want them to achieve their potential so they can share that success with others and bless Haiti, beginning with those around them.” Micheline’s favorite Scripture is Col. 3:23: “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men!”

Child Development & Education Team

Since 2014, Claudin Idoxis, our Child Development and Education Director, has provided oversight LSM’s education initiatives, ensuring that take advantage of every opportunity to equip our children for success. He gets to know our Home of Hope parents and each of our children individually, helping them to stay on track for higher education and future careers. He also plan events, such as enrichment, trauma healing and parenting seminars, plus activities like hiking and camping. The overarching goal is to assist with healing and healthy development, equipping them to reach their God-given potential and bless others.”

LSM Administration & Accounting

Since 2011, Riderson Brown has served as LSM’s administrator, ensuring that we have set up the leadership in each of our departments to find success and collaborate effectively across the organization. Those who know Riderson will tell you that one of his best qualities is his willingness to serve. It’s a great mark of leadership, especially in a culture where leaders can often be domineering. “I’m always happy to do any kind of work for LSM,” Riderson says, “whether it’s making coffee or mopping the floor.” Riderson has such a heart to serve others that one of his biggest adjustments to leadership was learning to delegate office tasks in order to better serve our staff as a manager. In the last two years, Riderson and his wife Prestina have embarked on a new journey of servanthood by having two children of their own.

John 3:16

LSM Tech

Rony was first introduced to LSM while serving our Construction team as a translator. But he quickly proved to be more than that, growing a reputation for stepping in at times to mediate and gently diffuse difficult situations. Rony went on to complete a degree in theology at a Christian university in the U.S., and today’s he’s answering the call to help Haiti realize its God-given potential through multiplication and discipleship. He started out as the Director of Discipleship at LSM Tech and was promoted to Director in 2023.

Construction & Site Maintenance

Christophe Sainvil, our Construction Coordinator & Maintenance Superintendent, oversees our various teams and equipment. He also schedules projects and resources to help us reach our annual goals. Christophe and his team are in a business of building within a culture that tends to focus on tearing down. Jealousy, a big spiritual stronghold in Haiti, seeks to prevent neighbors from succeeding and to keep others down at the same level, even if that means everyone suffers as a result. Instead of jealousy, we, along with our Haitian staff, seek a contentment and generosity that only comes from satisfying one’s spiritual – rather than material – appetite. With the help of Christophe and his team, we’re on a mission to build a legacy architecturally, programmatically, and relationally that will thrive and truly last.

Business Operations & Development Team

Nouvelle Aube

Michael Brown has served on our staff since 2017 , and he currently functions as Director of our “Nouvelle Aube” family of businesses in Haiti. “Nouvelle Aube” is a phrase that means “new dawn,” because we want our businesses to set a new standard for products and service in Haiti. “I help the managers of our Concrete Products, Construction and Automotive businesses. Many Haitians live in despair, but these businesses are bringing hope, changing mindsets, and lifting entire communities. I want our American friends to know that we are working hard every day to earn your support, and I believe that because of you, Haiti will be a totally different country ten years from now!” Michael’s favorite scripture, 1 Cor. 10:31, reminds us to “do everything for the glory of God!”

Automotive Program

Dio Prosper, our Automotive Manager, manages a dedicated team that helps LSM maintain a fleet of more than 60 road vehicles, plus heavy equipment at our block plant. Talking to Dio, one is struck by his smile, his compassion, and his deep care for others. You would never guess the hardships he’s endured. Back in 2016, he lost his family’s farm and house to Hurricane Matthew. Dio also lost his father around that time and was the victim of a severe car accident. The oldest of six kids, he was left alone to care for his mother and siblings – but his injuries confined him to bed. Undeterred, Dio read books and taught himself English during the recovery. Soon after, he learned about a job opportunity at LSM, and Dio’s mechanical skills, as well as his new ability to speak English, earned him the job. Reliable vehicles are the lifeblood of our Haiti and operation, and we owe a huge debt of thanks to Dio and his team for keeping them in peak condition!

John 3:16

Electrical & Solar

Billy Blanc, who joined our team in 2017, installs solar and wiring for new LSM construction projects. He also provides training and assistance for a team that upgrades existing structures and provides maintenance. Billy is on the leading edge of Haiti’s solar technology, and demand for it is sure to grow. The power grid in Haiti is unstable, and other energy sources such as propane are unreliable due to scarcity and erratic pricing. Fortunately, the sun provides a cheap, dependable energy source, which our Home of Hope families can use to power everything from meal cookers to laptops. LSM’s Redemption Campus and Welsh Campuses, LSM Tech, our Agricultural Park, and our administrative office already operate on solar power. At LSM, we’re always looking for innovative technologies to overcome challenges and become more efficient so we can help more kids!

Psalm 103:1

Concrete Blocks & Aggregates

Ernso first started working for LSM back in 2009 as a security guard at LSM Tech. Even when he started out, Ernso stood out for his sharp mind, attention to detail, and ability to fix things – as well as his great communication and leadership skills. There’s nothing that we love more than promoting potential wherever we find it. Ernso now manages LSM’s block and aggregate production – our largest and most successful business in Haiti, the profits of which are being used to help Haiti’s vulnerable children. Ernso’s favorite scripture is found in Psalm 23: “You anoint my head with oil. My cup overflows.” As Ernso will tell you, when God hands us an overflowing cup, it means we have an opportunity to bless others.

Psalm 23:5

Homes of Hope Parents

Haitian churches help us identify reputable Christian couples who cannot have children of their own. These are paired with twelve boys or twelve girls – orphans, former slaves, or children from poor families who are determined to be extremely vulnerable. These families are supported by sponsors here in the United States. We invest heavily in our children, believing we can raise up a generation of godly servant leaders to help usher in cultural change. The key to this change lies with the parents who teach our children integrity and practical life skills, while also modeling the kind of relationship we can have with our heavenly Father.

Ethiopia Staff

Family Preservation | Addis Ababa

Paulos Mamo has served LSM for more than ten years, helping the children of single mothers break cycles of desperation and poverty through discipleship, education enrichment, and church support. His partner in ministry, Hilina Wondwossen, helps our single moms find dignified work, counseling, and career training. Our Addis Ababa program provides an urban center and spiritual development classes to vulnerable children and their single mothers living in Ethiopia’s capital. We also offer living essentials when necessary to help the family get on its feet.

Family Preservation | Wolisso

Johney and Mekdes Temesgen are a husband-and-wife team who work with single mothers in the rural countryside of Ethiopia who are trying to move off the streets and provide a better life for their children. LSM provides business training for the mothers, educational enrichment for the children, and living essentials. We also provide discipleship and spiritual training for these families. Johney still remembers the first mother LSM helped and says he has “no greater joy” than serving these families.