Loving Shepherd Ministries’ Family Support Coordinator, Pam Agler, is offering an in-person support group and class for adoptive moms.

This group meets at the LSM Office, 1935 N Main St, Bluffton, IN, on the second Tuesday of each month from 7-9pm.

Support groups consist of a social time, a short devotional, a short teaching about a specific adoption topic, and a small group session where moms with similar circumstances can connect.

To register, please visit our registration page. If you have questions, please contact Pam at pam@loving-shepherd.org or 260-228-0298.

Pam is a Mom, Grammy, Social Worker, and Photographer. Her life experiences have created a passion for adoptive families. “I am excited to see my dream of a strong support system for adoptive families, like mine, became a reality. The chance to partner with Loving Shepherd Ministries to bring in-person connection to other moms who have adopted children excites me! I can’t wait to see where God takes us as we learn and grow together.”

Meet Pam Agler



Parent for 30 years, and adoptive or foster parent for over 20 years, Fetal Alcohol Training and Life Experience, Trust Based Relational Intervention Training, Suicide Prevention Training, Mindset Therapeutic De-escalation and crisis intervention training.


Work Experience

Senior Practicum | Courage Revived Counseling | 2021

I created and ran a ten week adoption support training for 20 adoptive moms. Zoom and in-person training were offered. A resource guide was created.

Photographer | Moments by Pam | 2009-current


Board Secretary | House 114 | 2016-2019


BSW | 2021 | Huntington University, GPA 3.85

Adams Central High School Graduate, Class of 1990

Frequently Asked Questions



What will the meetings be like?

The meeting schedule that I currently have in mind will involve, social time, a short devotional, a short teaching about a specific adoption topic, a small group session where moms with similar circumstances can connect. Registration will help me create these groups. Then more socializing… oh and snacks… there will be snacks! (should I have said that first!!)


Who should come to these meetings?

These meetings are for adoptive or foster moms. The meetings are taught from a Christian point of view. No matter if you are new to the adoption community or your children are already grown, we would love to have a diverse group of women who share the same heart for children who come from hard places and desire to do their best, learn, and grow.


Is there something I can do to help?

I am currently putting together a leadership group for these meetings, there are tasks that will for sure help the meetings run smoothly. If you have a desire to be in leadership, please let me know and we can talk more!


Can my husband come?

No. There is another group in Bluffton that meets on the first Tuesday of the month at Hope Missionary that includes both parents. Hope for Orphans on Facebook.


Will there be child care offered?

Not at this time.


Can I count this as foster care training hours?

I am approved for the meetings to count for face to face training. It will be meeting by meeting if my topics get approved