SehnsuchtFive years ago, Yetti was not a woman you would hold up as a model for other women, especially other mothers, to emulate.


She was living on the streets, selling herself for food. Abandoned as a child herself, she had been living this life since she was twelve years old. At seventeen—still nearly a kid herself—she became pregnant. More desperate than ever, wondering how in the world she would care for her tiny baby, she nearly gave up hope.


Until … she cried out to God for help.



Through God’s dramatic intervention, Yetti met LSM staff who knew she was worth more, deserved more, and was made for more. Through their support, she was able to leave the streets behind and receive the counseling and healing she needed to change her life.


Today her son is thriving in his elementary school classes. Yetti has a steady job. They have a home. And both of them have found they have something powerful to offer the world—a story of hope.


Yetti is one of many young moms who have been given the chance to make something of herself through your support of Loving Shepherd Ministries. You have helped change not only her life, but that of her son. His future, and the hope he will one day pass on to his own children, looks much brighter now because you empowered this young woman.


You can change a child’s world today.




  • Pray that the millions of single mothers struggling to provide for their children around the world today will find the help they need to not only survive, but thrive.