The Heritage Home of Hope has a special name for a reason. Honor, pride, courage—these are three words the 12 girls in this home are embracing as they leave behind words that had previously identified them—orphan, slave, worthless. But you don’t live up to a word like Heritage overnight. 


Although we yearn for a rich heritage of faith that would continue to guide them as confident, mature adults who love Jesus, we know that this does not happen without intentional, step-by-step care as they grow. This is what happens in a Home of Hope.

Detailed Puzzle Infographic 2


The Heritage Home of Hope is one of 19 families raising up formerly vulnerable children to thrive and, ultimately, transform their cultures for Christ. But as you might imagine, that cannot happen without many of you getting involved!




Next week, August 11-14, we have a powerful opportunity during our annual VBS for YOU to join in this powerful continuum of care with us!


We are hoping to DOUBLE the current level of support for the Heritage Home through the HERITAGE CAMPAIGN! We need an additional $600/month of ongoing support to reach that goal. In preparation for VBS and the Heritage Campaign, you can:


  • Share the campaign with your friends!
  • Pray for new family sponsors who will make an ongoing impact in future generations in Haiti—maybe one of those new sponsors is you!
  • Pray for the 12 girls in the Heritage Home of Hope!

Learn more and join the family here!