The small hut she called home was nothing much to speak of. She and twelve other siblings lived in what was generously called a hut – thatch walls and a leaky roof. There was no running water. It was remote – deep in the mountains of Southern Haiti. Betti remembers many days of hard work carrying heavy buckets of water the long distance from the river to the hut, cooking, cleaning. It never seemed to end.


She would dream about one day being able to go school… and maybe even becoming a teacher when she grew up. But with the poverty and lack of opportunity around her, seven year old Betti nearly gave up hope.


And then an epidemic broke out in her village.



So many people died. When you live in a community that dependent on each other, it is nearly impossible for the community to really recover. Betti was sent to live with an aunt in a distant village, hoping she could escape the epidemic and have the chance for a better life.


Her aunt tired of having her around, but somehow, instead of abandoning her, found out about LSM’s Homes of Hope. Through what Betti calls a miracle of God, her life changed dramatically. She was able to come to the Heritage Home of Hope family where her life changed dramatically.




Today, Betti has a loving mom and dad who are raising her (and her 11 other sisters) in the loving stability of a Christian family. She is getting three meals a day, going to school and receiving personalized educational and emotional support!


She still loves playing school and plans to become a teacher one day.


That dream is now within her grasp – but not without your help!


Betti’s Heritage family needs additional ongoing support so they can thrive! LSM’s ongoing sponsorship program provides the food, education, emotional support and Christian upbringing that Betti and her sisters need to thrive – and one day be raised up to transform their own culture for Christ.


This week, we are hoping to DOUBLE the current level of support for the Heritage Home! We need an additional $600/month of ongoing support to reach that goal. Will you consider becoming a family sponsor today?

Learn more and join the family here!


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