This past weekend, over 200 youth gathered in Bluffton, IN to make new friends, inspire one another, and help several organizations with service projects. It was exciting to see so many passionate young people learning to make a difference, and then putting what they learned into action in tangible ways. We were thrilled to have some of them come to learn more about Haiti, including how they can make a difference right from the heart of Indiana!


After learning about Homes of Hope and seeing some of the real difference LSM is making in these children’s lives, the young men and women had a chance to write out personalized prayers for each of our Haitian children!



Writing prayers



What a beautiful lesson for the youth in both cultures! Young adults in America learned how important it is to pray specifically for others, whether near or far, and our children in Haiti received another heartfelt reminder that they are prayed for and loved.


Serving others is not only a beautiful way to spend time together as friends, but it can also have a powerful impact in someone else’s life hundreds of miles away!

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