With a curious smirk, sporting a vest and tie, you smile and think, “What a cute boy.”  What isn’t captured is how powerful this moment really is. You see, Obie*, the little guy pictured, had just joined his new Home of Hope family when this photo was taken. It was his first day in a new home. His first day eating three full meals. His first night sleeping in a bed all his own.  It was the first of so many new things he never had before.




Pictures can speak a thousand words, but they sometimes miss the powerful significance of a moment too. In this instance, the photo doesn’t capture the extreme transformation from the day before when he and his twin brother were dressed in tattered t-shirts, covered in dust. It misses the look of hunger that once was a constant in his eyes.  It misses the look of uncertainty mirrored from everyone around him.

In one single day, those looks begin to change. But it’s not just getting a bath and putting on a nice new outfit. Obie really was stepping into a completely different life – one where food will always be available and he’ll never go to school hungry. He entered a life surrounded by a loving family and community of people who will champion him and make sure he has every opportunity to become all that God has for him.




The impact of a picture like this one is not how cute the child may look. The significance is in the incredible transformation that is going on behind the pixels. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to miss that for anything!


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*name changed for privacy