This summer, our Home of Hope families are keeping busy! Here are a few things going on:

Every couple of months, LSM staff prepare a seminar focused on empowering our Home of Hope parents. With 12 children in each of the families, there is a lot of ground to cover! These events have provided helpful resources and encouragement for them – and also a chance for them to spend time with the other parents on a regular basis.

Parent Seminar 1


This month’s parent seminar focused on dealing with some of the traumas their children have experienced. Seasoned LSM staff spent time walking through various ways to come alongside their hurting child. We are excited to see each of our children receiving the support and love they need to heal.


Parent Seminar 2

Parent Seminar 3


Throughout the summer, we also have day camps planned for the kids where our Child Development team will work with different age groups on educational approaches. They are certainly making it fun too. Last week, some of our staff hosted a picnic for The littlest kids in the Home of Hope families. Not only are these camps and events designed to teach some new skills – but to build some fun memories too!


Little Kids Picnic 1



Smaller Children Picnic 2


The older children will be getting together for a day camp later this month – and everyone is excitedly anticipating VBS in August.

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the summer – and please remember to keep these families in your prayers!