Welcome to the Kid’s Room!


Our life in Haiti may be very different from yours, but we all have hopes and dreams!  We want to share about our daily life with you, games we play and what our home looks like! Thank you for joining us as we become better friends and learn more about each other!


Come with us and learn more about our life in Haiti!  We want to share about our beautiful country, take you to a Haitian village, share our struggles and praise God for our hope of a better future!


Inside our Home

Welcome to our Home of Hope! Many of us lived in huts with no running water before living in this home. Homes of Hope are cement block homes, with a main living area where we do homework and play games.  We have a kitchen and large table for family meals. We are so thankful for three meals a day. Four children share a bedroom and we each have our own bed which is a luxury. We are grateful for our home and our loving LSM parents!

Life Skills

We learn many life skills.  The LSM Child Development staff offer various seminars and activities.  We love to take music and singing lessons and sing in our church. An agronomist comes to our home to teach us about planting gardens. We also are beginning to take computer lessons which will help us in school and with future job training. The boys are learning welding, masonry and carpentry skills. The girls are taking sewing, embroidery and florist lessons.


As Haitians, we know education is very important, but it is difficult for families to afford the cost of uniforms, textbooks and supplies. Most parents try to send their children to kindergarten through fifth grade. Only half of Haiti’s elementary-aged children are enrolled in school, and less than 2% will finish high school. In school, we study French, Creole, math, science and social studies. Our school lunch is a bowl of rice and beans.

What We Do For Fun

Haitian children, just like kids all over the world love to laugh and play with their friends and family. Football (American Soccer) is the most popular sport played by Haitians of any age.  Basketball, partner clapping with songs, jumping rope, playing catch, hopscotch, musical chairs, and hide-and-seek are other popular games. They also love playing card games, osselets, jacks, marbles, dominoes and checkers!

VBS & Summer Camps

One of our favorite times of the year is our annual VBS and summer camps! We love being able to spend 4 days together, seeing friends and making a lot of memories. We worship together, have bible contests, sing and participate in service projects in our community.  LSM’s Child Development staff has summer camps for the younger and older children. We play educational games, have picnics and learn about being a mentor and leader in our country!

We Will Be Future Leaders

Every Home of Hope child is given a gift – an opportunity for a better life and hope for the future!  Many of us came from extreme poverty, with little hope to break the cycle. We are extremely thankful that we do not have to leave our family after high school. Our parents and LSM continue to empower us, so we can fully thrive as educated, self-sustaining adults. We know we have potential to be Godly leaders in our country!


Inside the Kid’s Activity Book you’ll find games, mazes, word searches and much more that will help your kids learn more about life in Haiti!