“In all of my 65 years in Haiti, I have never seen anything like this.” – Pastor Wilfrid, LSM Home of Hope Director


Ed Schwartz, Founder & President of LSM shares an update and ways you can get involved right now:



  • To the best of our knowledge, all of our Home of Hope families and staff are alive and relatively safe. We praise God for His protection.
  • Although many of our Homes of Hope withstood the hurricane, our homes at Cavaillon suffered significant flooding and will require extensive repair.
  • Our homes in Chantal are inaccessible due to flooding and we are concerned about their access to clean water.
  • Our Welsh campus along the ocean had some damage, but the breaker wall managed to hold back some of the extent of the damage it could have had. 

hurricane matthew in haiti


  • Water damage has created problems that will take work for most of our properties.
  • The Cancer Redemption school is missing half of the roof. All the drop ceiling panels were destroyed but, we are grateful that all of the homes and children are safe. We had relocated our Welsh families there, and we are grateful that the CRP campus provided shelter and safety.
  • LSM’s Ag Park suffered damage and several smaller animal buildings were destroyed. Livestock was lost, and building supplies that had already been delivered for the construction of LSM Tech were ruined. 

Your prayers are deeply needed right now for our LSM families and Southwest Haiti. The rebuilding process is going to be long and hard. But your gifts and prayers are not only deeply appreciated at this time, they will also help the families of Haiti reclaim their lives and reaffirm hope for their future.

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