Our hearts are sad and heavy as we survey the devastation Hurricane Matthew left across Southwest Haiti. Lives have been turned upside down overnight and it will be many months before homes can be repaired, crops can be planted again and families come to grips with their new normal. Many outside of Haiti will soon forget about the horrible tragedy, but Haitians will continue their daily struggle to survive long into the future.


destruction from Hurricane Matthew


LSM is equipping a generation of formerly vulnerable children to become future country-changers so that in times of incredible need just like this – they can stand up, reach out, and uplift their people with the saving love of Christ.




Lukenson* is just one of these young men, surrounded by love in preparation for his future in an LSM Home of Hope. Through the many resources we’ve been pouring into him, he is becoming a leader, equipped with practical tools and biblical discipleship.


LSM is empowering Lukenson – and others like him – to become tomorrow’s leaders within their own communities.


After finishing high school, Lukenson is excited to go to LSM Technical Institute where he will be equipped to launch a career of his own. “My dream is to work hard today and do well so I can one day help others,” he says. “There is so much need in my country, and I want to help other kids who have faced terrible suffering like I have. LSM has changed my life, and I want to help others in this way, too.”