Looking for some good reads on vacation this year? Here are three we recommend:



1. Wait No More by Kelly & John Rosati

This powerful but quick read is full of humor, love and some terrific insights into several different adoption journeys.

“Wait No More will open your eyes to the growing numbers and plight of orphans in our world today.” –Dr. Wes Stafford, President & CEO, Compassion International


Wait no more


2. Scared by Tom Davis

This novel will not only engage your time at the beach, but stir your heart for the least of these. Through the pages of this story, you’ll learn about the orphan crisis in a personal way that will stick with you and keep you turning pages late into the night!


“… gripped me by the throat and refused to let go.” –Author Julie Gillies, www.bibledude.net/book-review-scared-by-tom-davis/





3. Why Not Today by Matthew Cork & Kenneth Kemp

“I draw in a long, slow breath of Indian air. The room is dark and still. I have only one thing more to say: ‘Lord, I’m in. I am so in.’”


So begins Why Not Today. Follow a journey into India and learn about trafficking, slavery and the global church – and how you can help the poor and overcome injustice. If you’re looking for something that will inspire you to do more, this is a great fit for your summer!


Why Not Today

We’d love to hear your suggestions too! What books are you taking with you to the beach this summer!