This year, as you celebrate our country’s freedom, please don’t forget those who are still searching for their freedom.


Ella* is one young girl who is still looking. When her father died unexpectedly in a motor accident, her mother was suddenly faced with a decision no mother ever wants to make. Unable to provide for her daughter, she sent Ella to live with another family in the city. Perhaps there, she thought, Ella will find hope in a better future. Perhaps there, she will find freedom from the poverty she has always known.


Crying girl with tear on cheek - poor african child



But as is too often the case, when young Ella reached the city, she was not sent to school. Instead, she became a domestic slave (or restavek). For the next six years, Ella worked 14 hours a day carrying water, cleaning, cooking, caring for children, and even serving the needs of the man in the house. She faced daily abuse, sexual exploitation and severe malnutrition. Equally tragic, in those fearful years, Ella forgot the dream her mother had for her. Ella no longer had hope in a better future.


300,000 restaveks just like Ella are still desperately searching for this very same hope. They need someone who is willing to stand up for them and let them know they are worth more.


You can be a part of their freedom journey!


  1. Commit to pray for vulnerable children like Ella. Join our prayer network here.

  2. Give to the work of LSM in Haiti!

  3. Consider becoming a ongoing sponsor for a Home of Hope family where formerly orphaned and exploited children now have a permanent family!


*name changed for privacy