This week, Stephanie Fast shared her amazing story at Grace Church in Mahomet, IL. As an adult adoptee, global orphan advocate and inspiring storyteller, Stephanie speaks on behalf of millions of children who are still abandoned and vulnerable today. (Read more about her journey here.)


Stephanie Fast presentation


The audience was asked to step into her shoes and walk with her through the incredibly dark, painful memories of her childhood. Abandoned at four in the Korean countryside, Stephanie was abused, severely malnourished and nearly died several times. But as her story unfolds, it bursts forth with a message of great joy that God never lost sight of this vulnerable little girl in the Korean countryside.


Hear what audience members have to say about Stephanie’s message: 



We believe that he has not lost sight of the millions more that are still alone and vulnerable in this world today. But just as individual people intervened in her life, so we have a role to play in someone else’s story today. As we celebrate Orphan Sunday this weekend, consider how God might want to use you in the life of a child just like Stephanie.


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