Over the last couple of days, the kids have been having tons of fun at VBS! In the mornings, the younger group gathers to hear bible stories and learn new songs and dances. The older kids spend time with guest speakers and have a chance to ask questions of the Haiti staff about different topics. It’s been great to watch the kids interact and enjoy each other. There are certainly memories in the making here!

Younger Kids




VBS lessons


bible lessons


The afternoons are full different games learning how to build structures, developing critical thinking and even trying out some business skills. There’s also plenty of time for the kids to just have fun together. Over the last few years, strong friendships have formed between the homes – and it’s so fun to see the them all reconnecting with their friends!




LSM staff is also spending time with each family – interviewing them, seeing how they are doing and hearing about what’s been happening at their homes. Those conversations have been incredibly powerful as we are hearing about how the kids’ lives are changing.


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