We’re off to a great start in 2015 and are so excited for what we’ve got planned this year! As we look for deeper ways to invest in the lives of the children we serve, we are so thankful for how God’s providing for each step we take.


Check out some of what’s happening:

  • Vision and Work Teams are Getting Scheduled for the Year in Haiti

We’ve got a Vision Team in Haiti this week with some of our staff, spending time with our Home of Hope families and teaching some soccer skills! We’re excited for the great relationship-building that will happen this week, and are praying for the hearts of the team to be deeply touched as they experience Haiti for the first time.


  • We’ve started major construction on a school in the Welsh, Haiti Community

In November, we started construction for a large school on the campus of two of our Homes of Hope. This school will provide much-needed educational space for our children and the entire surrounding community. We’re thrilled to see the progress on this so far, and ask for many prayers through the rest of the year on this construction!

Welsh campus areal shot

  • We’re Building a Kitchen and Culinary Center at the Ranch

Our Vocational Ranch in Haiti is preparing for our first Home of Hope children who will graduate in a few years. Meanwhile, nearly 20 Haitian staff are working hard to test products, build the infrastructure needed for educational and vocational training, and working hard to start to provide sustainability for our families. We just started work on a building that will serve as a cafeteria and culinary center for food preparation, storage and a place to process meats and vegetables. We’re excited for the many ways this building will be used!


  • Our Purse Business in Ethiopia is Growing

LSM is growing a successful small business in Ethiopia, where 13 women who were formerly working on the streets are now employed in dignified, sustainable work making purses. This is a growing effort, and we’re so excited for the possibilities as our work grows, both in Ethiopia, and in sales in the US. Please keep praying with us as we move this forward, and for the women as they continue to grow and heal!



Each of these endeavors is honing in on the heartbeat of LSM – to help the world’s most vulnerable children reach their God-given potential. To do that, we believe we need to keep creating and sustaining permanent, godly families for children to grow up in. We need to provide good educational systems for these children so they can learn to dream big. We need to set things in place so they have options for business and vocational training. And if their biological parents are able, we need to be a beacon of hope to restore stable families.


We’re committed to doing all we can so that more vulnerable children are given hope for their futures.

Partner with us to change lives in 2015!