There always seems to be a lot going on at LSM. Our staff puts in great effort to maintain day-to-day operations, grow our programs and dream of new and exciting ways we can further change children’s lives. This week is no exception. Here’s just a hint of some exciting things happening in Haiti this week:

Agape Flights is flying in a load of live baby chicks today! They will end up at our Vocational Ranch and join a growing flock.


Agape Flights staff taking care of our chicks!

baby chicks

Chicks heading for the Ranch!


We’ve also got a Vision Team in Haiti this week learning about LSM and meeting some of our Home of Hope families. This group happens to be great soccer players, which is a major hit with our Home of Hope boys. The soccer fields are getting put to good use this week!


Meeting some of the families


The team is taking a break from soccer to visit some of the other families as well. These girls are quite the singers! We’re so blessed with their love for music and their hearts for Jesus.


Singing at a Home of Hope


Looks like they’re having a great time using their gifts to connect with our kids. We’re grateful for their giving – and are excited to see the growth in our Home of Hope children through these newly acquired game skills too!


Teaching some new soccer skills and having a blast!