The Gospel Project

We are passionate about equipping vulnerable children with the biblical foundation and life skills they need to grow into godly leaders in their communities, ultimately transforming their culture for Christ.

The Gospel Project allows us to do just that – both in Haiti and by empowering families in the U.S. to make a tangible difference.


Each package includes books (these will be the first books many Haitian adults and children can call their own!) and hygiene kits (basic and essential hygiene products are desperately needed yet widely unattainable to many Haitian children and families.) They are put together by volunteers in Bluffton, IN (LSM’s home office), shipped to Haiti, and distributed by LSM Home of Hope children and parents within their communities, in conjunction with their local church.

Each package includes:

  • Haitian Creole Bible
  • Children’s Illustrated Bible Story Book
  • Various Gospel Resources
  • Humanitarian Supplies

Volunteers donate $10 per bag and assemble them at our Main Office in Indiana. Prayers and simple notes are included in Creole for the recipients.

Gospel Project Kit


  • Home of Hope children are equipped to share their faith, leading to an on-the-ground evangelism that can inspire a ripple effect of hope in Christ through their communities
  • Deeper relationships with the children and families LSM serves
  • A stronger, more impactful partnership with the Haitian Evangelical network of churches
  • The next necessary step in LSM’s work that reflects our vision to create a culture for Christ in everything we do
Gospel Project group
passing out Gospel kits
Gospel Project in Haiti


  • Provides local volunteer opportunities for all ages, who through their service to the world’s most vulnerable will live out the gospel call to be the hands and feet of Christ
  • Creates eye-opening ways for adults and children to look beyond their local community, consider the plight of those much less fortunate in the world, and reach out in a tangible and impactful way
  • Provides real-life teaching opportunities alongside hands-on service opportunities to impact children and families in Haiti
Haiti Education Tour Group
Gospel Project Group work
gospel kit packing


Instilling the Gospel message of lasting hope is at the core of everything we do. In fact, we wholeheartedly believe that without this piece to the puzzle, the transformation of generations in Haiti would be impossible.

Each child we serve is learning that faith in Jesus, accepted as a free gift and then poured out on those around them, changes the world. Their parents are teaching it, and it is reinforced by incredibly godly Haitian leaders all around them as they grow. Faith in Jesus is at the very core of LSM… and the Gospel Project is a tangible way YOU can be a part of spreading that to every child and community in Southwest Haiti!



Step into their lives. Experience their world. LSM’s immersive tours walk you through the life of an orphan, and experience a child’s journey through LSm’s Home of Hope family. These can be done in conjunction with the Gospel Project or scheduled on their own.


Haiti Education Tours can be scheduled on their own, or combined with the Gospel Project. These immersive experiences allow participants to fully experience the heart of LSM’s mission by:

• Learning about Haitian culture and the children who are impacted

• Experiencing LSM’s transformative work

• Impacting vulnerable communities in Haiti with Gospel Kits

• Cultivating a spirit of prayer and advocacy for the orphaned and vulnerable child

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LOCATION: LSM MAIN OFFICE: 1935 N Main Street, Bluffton, IN 46714