A New Children’s Book By Our Founder & His Granddaughter

Ed Schwartz, LSM Founder & Author

Madelyn Isch, Illustrator

Impoverished children around the world never get new toys. In fact, they never get anything new at all. They make do with what they have. Whether it’s building a new toy from trash or eating dirt mixed with water just to satisfy their hunger, their ingenuity astounds us. While it hurts us to see children struggling, our hearts are also stirred by their bravery and perseverance as they survive and overcome. This reality inspired me to write “Doing A Lot With A Little: You’re Never Too Small In God’s Hands”, which explores the hardship of children around the world and how their example can inspire us. I pray this book will stir up gratitude and compel readers of all ages to serve others!

The book shares examples of children doing a lot with a little – just as Jesus did when He fed the 5,000 with only 5 loaves and 2 fish. One small boy gave what little he had to Jesus, and in the Lord’s hands, it became a lot!

By God’s grace and your support, LSM has empowered and equipped hundreds of at-risk children in Haiti, Ethiopia, and the United States for leadership and Christian service. They have learned to persevere even when the path is difficult, and their resilience is creating the next generation of strong leaders. God is turning their difficult situations into opportunities to witness for Him! In this mailing, you will meet Evan and Daniel, two young men who started with nothing but are now accomplishing a lot for God – including preaching and leading worship for thousands of people every year!

We trust you will be inspired and will consider investing in the future of children who can ultimately do a lot for God. I encourage you to share my new children’s book with your children or grandchildren as a way to educate them about the hardships of children around the world and to motivate them to be thankful and generous. Speaking of grandchildren, I am thankful that my granddaughter, Madelyn, illustrated the book! With your help, we’re hoping to raise $50,000 to help students at LSM Tech become future leaders for Christ in Haiti.

P.S. All expenses for the book and mailer have been covered by a generous donor, which allows 100% of your gift to be used to help vulnerable kids.



At 12 years old, a young boy on the edge of adolescence was suffering. His whole world had been turned upside down two years earlier when his mom passed away. His family lived in great poverty and Evan’s father was struggling to provide for his 5 children. When he heard about the opening of an LSM Home of Hope, he felt God had provided a way for his youngest son to have a better future, than potentially giving Evan away as a domestic servant to another family.

Evan’s loving Home of Hope family taught him about Jesus. He was baptized and as his relationship with Christ grew, so did his passion for music. He began teaching himself to play the guitar and keyboard. He soon joined his worship team at church to play music and sing praise to God. As years passed, Evan began to fully understand the many blessings God had provided for him. Although his life had started with very little, Evan knew that God would use him to do great things.

Today, Evan is paving a path for Christ in southern Haiti as a student at LSM Tech. He uses his God-given musical talent to lead worship on Sundays at LSM Tech Church, mid-week services, and conferences hosted on campus. In addition, a large Haitian denomination annually requests him to lead worship at their large church conference. Evan also travels to surrounding churches on Sundays to lead worship for 300 – 500 people at a time. He also provides music lessons to future worship leaders in his community. In 2022 alone, Evan was blessed and humbled to LEAD OVER 4,000 PEOPLE IN WORSHIP as they praised and gave glory to God. He shares, “Through worship, I am coming alongside others to lift their voices to honor God because He is worthy of our praise.”

Evan was once a small, grieving boy with very little who now knows his true worth in Christ. He is now praising Him with thousands of people each year and doing a LOT to serve his Lord! Would you please invest in the future of children like Evan who will rise up to make a lasting impact for Christ?


Allowing God to work in his life in spite of very difficult beginnings has allowed Daniel to make an amazing impact for Christ. He was born in severe poverty, and at a young age lost both his dad and mom after a tragic accident. Now with no home or parents, he had very little hope. He could not afford to attend school and did not know about Jesus. But God stepped in. At 12 years old, Daniel entered LSM’s first Home of Hope and his life began to change. He became part of a loving family, heard the Gospel for the first time, and received an education. Over the years, Daniel’s faith grew tremendously and in 2018 we rejoiced when he was baptized and dedicated his life to serving God.

After becoming a student at LSM Tech, his passion to preach the Gospel was quickly seen by our Director of Discipleship, who encouraged Daniel to develop his gift of preaching. And he has! He currently assists as a youth pastor at our LSM Tech church, speaks at churches on the importance of prayer during difficult times, and is a role model for both LSM Tech students and his community. In 2022, Daniel was blessed to share the Gospel with over 300 people in various churches and conferences throughout Haiti. Daniel shares, “My desire is to impact the lives of others for Christ just as God changed my life.” Daniel has gone from being a brokenhearted young boy with little hope for a better future to a powerful preacher of the Gospel. We are excited to see Daniel’s passion as he impacts lives in Jesus’ name!


LSM’s vision is to empower a generation of godly young leaders who will transform their culture for Christ. LSM Tech is key to this vision. Your support will allow us to invest in children who can ultimately do a lot for God, not only today but in the future. Please prayerfully consider a financial gift today and help Ed and Madelyn hit their $50,000 goal!

We trust that Doing a Lot with a Little will touch the hearts of even the youngest readers to feel gratitude and to make a difference around the world. Thank you for helping transform the lives of vulnerable kids!