All fruitfulness in service is the outcome of prayer – of the worker’s prayers, or of those who are holding up holy hands on his behalf.” – The Kneeling Christian by Albert Richardson


Imagine an entire community of people holding up holy hands in prayer for vulnerable children all over the world. A powerful image for sure. But now imagine the impact of just one passionate prayer—yours—storming heaven, interceding on behalf of a specific child, or family, or new life-changing opportunity.


As we start a new year, it is evident how important each and every one of your prayers has been and continues to be. Would you consider taking some time to pray right now?




Please pray for: 

  • 18 Home of Hope families in Haiti

Each of these families has unique needs, struggles, joys and things to look forward to. Please pray for unity and love between the parents and their children, and that this year will be a year of tremendous personal and communal growth for each family.

  • Educational Opportunities for these 216 children

With the implementation of new learning tools and opportunities in Haiti, pray that it will spark a lifelong passion for learning in each individual child.

  • Growing Business Opportunities in Haiti

LSM staff is working hard to create sustainable business opportunities in Haiti. Pray that these new ventures will be successful, sustainable and a positive step forward for our Home of Hope families and the communities they serve.

  • Children reached in Ethiopia

Each of the mothers employed at Moriya Ethiopian Accessories have children that are now able to go to school and have all their needs met. Pray that this business will continue to bring hope and healing to these families!

  • U.S. staff

Please pray for new doors to open as LSM staff share with churches and individuals ways they can help the world’s most vulnerable children reach their God-given potential.


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