Much More Than Electrical Wiring

This week, a small work team is spending time in Welsh, Haiti. They are putting the finishing touches on a new school for two of our Homes of Hope in the area as well as the surrounding community. They are working hard to wire the campus for solar power and are making great progress! Not only that, but the team’s expertise as electricians is being passed on to our Haitian staff and several of our Home of Hope boys in the process!



This week, Lyndon Kaehr and Eric Steffen are working with some of our Haitian staff on electrical wiring at the Welsh school.




Working side by side throughout the week helps build new skills and friendships for both parties!


Lyndon Kaehr doing some wiring on the electrical poles.


Eric and Bethson

Bethson, one of our Home of Hope children was curious and excited to learn from Eric Steffen this week!

Welsh School

electrical wiring

Working side by side with our Haitian staff empowers them to learn new skills along the way!


Throughout all of LSM’s work, we are incredibly grateful for the professionals who lend their time and expertise to different projects, others who pray for the children or those who give financially. Creating long-term solutions to poverty and the orphan crisis requires us using our gifts and talents in many different capacities. Thank you for all who are using yours on behalf of the vulnerable!