It doesn’t take long to find someone around us with a need. And if you watch five minutes of the news, you’ll catch a glimpse of the world around us that is in the midst of war, economic distress and pain.


But what if we could band together and do something about it? What if groups of women across the U.S. could directly impact a piece of those problems? Through our Ethiopian Purse Parties, women are gathering in homes and larger venues and doing just that. 


Here’s what they’re saying about it:



“I was honored to hear the presentation from LSM about the women in Ethiopia and the purses they make. It helped me to connect to the women and what they go through everyday. We are blessed to live in a country with so many freedoms as women. Buying a purse gives them an opportunity to keep them off the streets from trafficking and helps provide a sustainable job.” – Joy Gardner




“I was so overwhelmed by the despair of the women that end up in prostitution. To think that I can make a difference by buying a purse that gives them a job is so meaningful for me!” – Julie


“It is so powerful to hear real life stories of ladies lives – how they were brought from the streets and were able to realize their true potential and eventually give their hearts to Christ and influence future generations… SO POWERFUL!” – Bethany


“The cycle that keeps repeating itself without intervention is overwhelming. I’m so compelled to do something more!” – Joy




“The presentation really opened my eyes to the struggle these Ethiopian women live with daily. It was hard to even imagine what they go through at such a young age, because we have been given so much here in the U.S. I was honored to buy a purse handmade by a young woman that I can now pray for every day. I loved that they individually sign each purse. I’ve already used my purse and have gotten many compliments!” – Julie


“I am so challenged by how much we as Americans should be doing to reach out to others!” – Pam


“These look beautiful – they hold a special place in my heart since I actually got to watch these lovely women making them! Can’t wait to receive my purse! Thank you.” – Lori (ordered online)



You can be a part of this too. Here’s how you can help:

1. Buy a purse. You can order online here.
2. Host a party. Email to learn more.
3. Give to rescue women and children from prostitution in Ethiopia here.