Who We Are

Pursuing God’s Best for Vulnerable Children

We are passionate about creating generational change in the countries we serve. By empowering a vulnerable child to thrive as an adult, we are giving them the ability to transform their own culture for Christ in a powerful, self-sustaining way.

A VULNERABLE CHILD: We work with the most vulnerable children in Haiti and Ethiopia—those who were orphaned, exploited or severely at-risk.


NEEDS A PERMANENT FAMILY: We believe every child deserves the stability and love of a permanent family consisting of a married Christian mother and father.


AND TOOLS FOR THEIR FUTURE: As these children grow, they need the right resources, opportunities and personal guidance at the right stage of life to thrive.


TO REACH THEIR FULL POTENTIAL: Upon reaching adulthood, we provide vocational opportunities and even jobs so these godly young adults can become leaders in their community.


AND TRANSFORM THEIR CULTURE FOR CHRIST: All of this culminates in a generation of leaders who are able to invest in their own communities, with minimal Western influence, fueled by the inherent worth of all children. As they become adults, they will pass on these opportunities to their own children for generations to come.