Sometimes we make a small decision and later realize that God was orchestrating something far bigger for His glory. Do you hear the Spirit prompting you to take a step of faith today?


A small decision to take the time to talk to your neighbor could turn into a realization that they’re dealing with something significant and need extra help or a listening ear. Perhaps that small step could open up an opportunity to share your faith as you provide a helping hand.


A commitment to attend an event that seems out of your comfort zone could lead to God showing you an exciting new project that He wants you to get involved with that you never knew about.

A choice to take time out of your day to pray for someone may create a bond that is stronger than you could have imagined. It could open your eyes to issues and people who need resources and practical support that you were never aware of.


An act of love to mentor a troubled teen can end up stretching you further than you could have dreamed. But what if your compassionate choice led that young person to Christ? And what if that new believer went on to impact their family and community for future generations to come?


A life changing decision to become a foster parent might feel like a giant leap of faith into the scary unknown. The commitment to love with sacrifice opens your heart to pain and hurt. It also opens your heart for a vulnerable child that you would have totally missed out on!



This week, in staff devotions, we talked about fear. Fear can hold you back from the exact thing that God may be asking you to step into. Sometimes the next step is a small one, like taking a moment to stop in your driveway as the Spirit prompts you to talk to your neighbor. Other times, the next step feels like a giant leap of faith, like dedicating the rest of your life to a child who needs a home, security and love. Whatever that next move is, we hope this reminder encourages you today to listen to the Spirit and take your next leap of faith.




  1. Pray for Loving Shepherd Ministries and ask God if He might be asking you to take a step with us. You can learn about some opportunities here.
  2. Join us for the Tim Goeglein event on Orphan Sunday weekend this year and hear about God’s redemptive work both in one man’s testimony and in the lives of vulnerable children around the world.
  3. Consider giving a financial gift that connects you to a specific project you care about.