Though the Earth Give Way


Dear LSM Supporters,


As you may have heard, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the Les Cayes area of Haiti on Saturday morning. We have been in contact with our program directors and are thankful to report that, as far as we know, all of our staff and Home of Hope children are accounted for. However, some of our staff members lost family members in the tragedy. Also, LSM sustained structural damage at some of our properties. We continue to closely monitor the situation and will keep you updated on any significant developments. There will undoubtedly be more to report.


Saturday’s disaster came on the heels of a political unrest following a presidential assassination. And now the country braces for the arrival of a new calamity: Tropical Storm Grace.


Though our staff members maintain their strong faith in the Lord, many are feeling understandably discouraged. They will greatly appreciate your prayers and support in the days ahead. May we all take refuge in God’s sovereignty and faithfulness during these uncertain times!


“Therefore we will not fear, even though the earth give way, and though the mountains fall into the heart of the sea.” Psalm 42:6


A Day We’ll Never Forget


January 12, 2010 is a day we’ll never forget. News reached the United States of a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake hitting Port-au-Prince and the surrounding areas of Haiti. Over the coming days, the world watched in horror as more and more people were dug out of crumbled buildings and the death toll continued to rise.


Every Haitian knew someone who was lost in the earthquake. Although LSM’s Home of Hope families were hours away in Les Cayes, many neighbors, friends and relatives had moved to Port-au-Prince, where they would never see be seen again.
earthquake 2


Joslyn* was in the epicenter—only four years old and living with her mother when the earthquake hit. The earth shook, buildings collapsed around her … and somewhere in the mayhem, she lost track of her. She screamed until she had no voice left. And finally, when her mother did not come, she sat, covered in concrete dust, watching in horror as the world around her seemingly fell apart.


Joslyn faced many challenges in the coming years because of the trauma she experienced that day.  


earthquake in Haiti


After the earthquake, a pastor’s wife found her and tracked down her father, who was still alive in Southwest Haiti. But her father wanted nothing to do with her. She ended up staying with an aunt who struggled to provide enough to feed her even a meager meal. By God’s grace, LSM staff found her and brought her into a Home of Hope family.


Seven years after the earthquake, Joselyn still remembers with startling clarity the night she lost everything she’d ever known. But it’s not the end of her story.


earthquake 1


We believe God can redeem not only her personal tragedy, but also millions of other Haitians who are still physically and emotionally recovering from the life-changing earthquake and the natural disasters since then. Through an outpouring of Christian love and support, we can help them pick up from the destruction and live with purpose.


It starts on your knees. Please remember to pray for the country of Haiti today as they, on the anniversary of that tragic day, remember all that was lost and, look towards the heavens to all that can be regained.


Please join us in leaving a prayer in the comments or sharing some of your experiences helping with the disaster relief in the months following the earthquake. We’d love to hear from you!