Still Searching for Freedom

This year, as you celebrate our country’s freedom, please don’t forget those who are still searching for their freedom.


Ella* is one young girl who is still looking. When her father died unexpectedly in a motor accident, her mother was suddenly faced with a decision no mother ever wants to make. Unable to provide for her daughter, she sent Ella to live with another family in the city. Perhaps there, she thought, Ella will find hope in a better future. Perhaps there, she will find freedom from the poverty she has always known.


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Those Who Are Still Looking for Freedom

This weekend, we will celebrate our country’s independence and freedom. We will gather with friends and family and thank God for the freedoms we have been blessed with in this land – mostly things we have never lived without.


But we don’t begin to understand the magnitude of what we celebrate if we don’t know the power of what freedom really is. Today, there are people around the world who have never known this kind of freedom. They are men, women and children who do not know what it means to dream of a better future. They do not know what it is to celebrate freedom, either individually or as a nation. They are the world’s most vulnerable.

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