It hurts when we see tragedies happen to innocent people. Rightly so, we are repulsed when evil is inflicted on unsuspecting victims. But our hearts are equally stirred by the bravery and perseverance of those who survive and overcome. To that end, I am excited to share ‘Seeds in the Wind’, my new novel that follows the lives of 6 girls in Ethiopia who find freedom from trafficking, slavery, and exploitation. Although the 6 stories are fictional, they’re based on personal accounts of countless women that LSM has served over our 10+ years of ministry in Ethiopia.

This novel represents THOUSANDS of girls and women around the world who have been forced into trafficking and exploitation. These girls and women didn’t willingly choose to give up their independence and dignity; they were exploited or tricked and then trafficked into hopeless tragedy. But they are not the only victims. Their children are also stuck in a cycle of poverty and hopelessness that is difficult to imagine. I pray ‘Seeds in the Wind’ gives voice to these women and children and points the reader to our great God who is able to bring good from bad. The Gospel message isn’t deterred by greed, wickedness, government, or international borders. Just as seeds are carried by the wind wherever it blows, so the Good News reaches the ends of the earth – even to those who can barely stand under the weight of injustice and oppression.

Sadly, many of the children and single mothers we serve in Ethiopia have known trafficking, slavery, and exploitation. This breaks my heart. But I rejoice that, through God’s grace and the courageous work of LSM’s Ethiopian staff, mothers and their children who once felt worthless are now safe and equipped to heal from their trauma. Christ is offering them victory over their past discouragements! What’s more, we are empowering these brave women to start successful businesses that can provide for them and their children. We’re also supporting the children with educational support, skills development, and Christian discipleship. Our vision in Ethiopia is to help at-risk children and their mothers reach their God-given potential so that they can transform their culture for Christ.

Below you’ll read the story of Miriam. We’re thankful her story of tragedy to triumph represents so many of the women we’re privileged to serve. But God has called us to help even more children and their mothers. And to do that, we need your help. The goal of our Seeds in the Wind campaign is to raise $40,000 in one-time gifts and $1,500/mo in ongoing support. It’s an ambitious goal, but we serve a mighty God. Would you prayerfully consider getting involved by making a life-changing difference in the lives of women like Miriam and her children? Your commitment would mean so much. May God richly bless you in the days ahead.


Miriam grew up in a remote village in Ethiopia. She felt safe living with her parents in their small, thatched hut. But one tragic morning, Miriam woke up to discover that her mother had abandoned the family. Not too long after this, her dad passed away. At 14 years old, she was orphaned and alone. With no extended family to care for her, Miriam found herself living on the streets. It was a harsh and painful reality; she was all alone. She felt the weight of the world on her young shoulders. Her days consisted of finding odd jobs and begging for money and food outside the gates of a local church. But things got even worse. Being a young girl living on the streets, Miriam was one day dragged into an alley and abused by an unknown attacker. Nine months later, she gave birth to her son while still living on the streets. As she continued begging in front of the church gates, she felt too ashamed to enter the church and reach out to God. So God reached out to her. LSM’s Family Preservation staff found Miriam on the street with her young son and took them in. She began to feel loved, supported and hopeful! She enrolled in our Business Training program and started receiving Christian trauma counseling. Miriam shares, “God sent LSM to me during a very dark time. I am now able to provide a home for my son. We no longer struggle living on the streets, trying to stay safe and find enough food. I felt God gave us Heaven on earth by providing us with the gift of hope and dignity!” Miriam will soon graduate our Business Training program and continue to role model her faith and perseverance to her son. Today, Miriam praises God as she enters the church gates! We give God the glory that Miriam’s testimony is evidence that your loving support is bringing hope out of hopelessness to the world’s most vulnerable families in Ethiopia.



Your donation of any amount will go directly to help the at-risk children for single mothers in Ethiopia.  We trust Seeds in the Wind is a blessing to you and draws you closer to the the Father-heart of God.