LSM’s Response to the Earthquake in Haiti

Dear Friends of LSM,


On Saturday, August 14, 2021, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti in the Les Cayes area where our operations are located. The earthquake was incredibly destructive with over 2,000 known deaths, countless injured and many homes destroyed.


We have been in constant contact with our Haitian program directors and we’re thankful to report that all of our Home of Hope children, parents and staff are safe.


Unfortunately, we did suffer structural damage at our properties. Although good building materials and methods greatly limited the extent of the damage, initial estimates of repairs are in the ten of thousands of dollars.

Damaged support beams at the pavilion of our Redemption Campus

Significant damage located at our Welsh campus


  1. We are distributing clothing we have in Haiti to local hospitals and those in need.
  2. We are providing clean water in communities near LSM Tech, Welsh, and our Redemption Campus.
  3. We are using our equipment and manpower to help other Christian humanitarian ministries, such as Samaritan’s Purse, distribute aid and supplies.
  4. We are continuing an Emergency Grant program that we launched only days after the disaster struck for those people most impacted by the earthquake. This is a program that wisely distributes money through our Haitian program leaders to those most in need in some of the areas where LSM serves.
  5. We are developing a plan to provide both temporary and permanent shelter for those who lost their homes.
  6. We are finding ways to help our Haitian workers who lost homes, property, or belongings in the earthquake.
  7. We anticipate the need for more Homes of Hope and additional program funding to care for more earthquake orphans.
  8. We’re making plans to repair LSM structures that sustained damage so that all our children and staff are able to live and work in a safe environment.


The earthquake comes at a time when Haiti is already particularly unstable as result of increased gang violence, fuel shortages, and the assassination of the President. But even as we ramp up short-term relief efforts, we aren’t losing sight of LSM’s long-term vision for the true betterment of Haiti, which includes empowering Haitians to solve Haiti’s problems.
As one Haitian economist put it a few days ago, “Foreign aid unfortunately never helps in the long term. The southwest needs instead activities that can boost economic capacity for jobs and better social conditions.” This is our approach at LSM, coupled with the power of the Gospel. As we help rebuild LSM structures and the surrounding areas in the community, we will utilize our concrete block business, Produit Beton, to provide high quality blocks and the power of the Gospel to build into the lives of Haitian people.
LSM Haitian staff distributing clothing and supplies to area hospitals
and throughout the community.


Our Home of Hope families and staff, while maintaining strong faith in the Lord, are scared and discouraged. They would greatly appreciate your prayers.
Would you please consider helping LSM with rebuilding and providing much needed relief to the Les Cayes community by giving a donation today?
We will continue to closely monitor the situation and will keep you updated on any significant developments. We appreciate your support and prayers!