A Venture of Gratitude

Dear Friend,

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are thankful that God has allowed us to help hundreds of vulnerable children in Haiti reach their God-given potential. By God’s grace, we’ve welcomed these children into the LSM family and empowered and equipped them for Christian service. This compelling vision inspired Matt Drayer, member of the Psalm 100 quartet, along with his wife Tiffany and their 9 children, to seek a partnership with LSM to care for additional vulnerable children in Haiti. Matt was deeply touched by how Psalm 100’s CD, Home was able to help Zach Bertsch’s Cancer Redemption Project to care for at-risk children. This is prompting the Drayer Family to share their gift of music to rescue even more vulnerable children from child slavery or poverty in Haiti.

In Haiti, children often live in fear of being exploited and abused. Many vulnerable children will become child slaves, live on the street or join a gang. But with your help, we can rescue and restore the lives of these children through the power of God’s love. The new Isaac Home of Hope will give up to 12 vulnerable boys the opportunity to reach their God-given potential. No longer will they face an uncertain future or fear becoming a child slave. Instead, they will receive the love of a family, biblical discipleship, education, trauma care and life skills to grow as sons of God and future leaders of Haiti. For many, this will be their first time experiencing the love and safety of a Christian dad and mom. Will you join with the Drayers to help LSM OPEN THE NEW ISAAC HOME OF HOPE FOR AT-RISK BOYS?

“We pray our music will bless you as we come together and help at-risk boys become part of the new Isaac Home of Hope. Our prayer is for each boy to feel the love of our Lord!” – Matt and Tiffany Drayer and Children

Read about two brothers, Pierre and Jean, who will be part of our new Isaac Home of Hope. But in order to help Pierre and Jean and additional boys, we need the ongoing partnership of Family Sponsors. For $35/month or more, you can help us open the Isaac Home of Hope. As a Family Sponsor, you will receive updates and build a relationship with the boys! We are thankful for your prayerful consideration to make an eternal difference in their lives.

We are deeply humbled to serve the vulnerable children God has placed in our care. They are embraced with love, empowered for a better future, and equipped to be country-changers for Christ.

All expenses for the Thankful CD have been covered by a generous donor, which allows 100% of your gift to be used to help vulnerable children. Will you join with us in opening the Isaac Home of Hope to help boys like Pierre and Jean?



How much does the opportunity to live in the Isaac Home of Hope mean to these little boys? It’s beyond words. It’s hard for many of us to comprehend because we’ve never experienced the past pain and struggles of Pierre and Jean. From a remote village in southern Haiti, these two brothers lived in a small house that was damaged in the earthquake last year. Six-year old Jean still has nightmares of hiding among the rubble during the earthquake. Their mentally ill mother was unable to care for them and often sought help from the local voodoo priest. The overwhelming stress of the situation led her to frequently abuse 7-year old Pierre with a whip. The family was viewed as an outcast in their community, leaving the boys depressed, malnourished, and without any education or biblical teaching. Without someone intervening, Pierre and Jean awaited the same fate as their 5 siblings – to be sent away as child slaves. Because their mother was no longer able to feed her other children, she sent them away to become slaves for families living throughout Haiti. Pierre and Jean were simply waiting for the day they too would be separated and sent away. Instead God intervened and led our LSM staff to their door. By the grace of God, the boys were selected to join the next available Home of Hope family through LSM. With your help, Pierre and Jean will become part of the new Isaac Home of Hope family. Thanks to the loving compassion of caring people just like you, their story can be very different. They will be set free from fear and poverty and will begin to understand God’s deep love and mercy. Will you help make this possible for them?