Home Study

Below is a series of resources to help your family understand the home study process and give you a list of helpful questions to ask specific providers in your area. We are unable to provide a recommended list of specific home study providers for families because of the vast geographic areas we serve. However, the resources below can be of great support as you choose a local option.


Finding a Home Study Provider

Many placement adoption agencies either do the home study themselves or have a list of home study organizations their clients can use. Please inquire with your agency to locate home study providers in your area.


International Home Studies

A home study does not cover both domestic and international because of the different requirements in each country (race, age, sex, and a family’s reasons for choosing a specific country, etc.) Because of this, you should know the direction and country you want to pursue before starting the process. If you change the country you want to adopt from, the home study typically will need to be revised and additional costs. Some agencies will even require and charge a fee for a completely new home study. Finally, depending on your country program, the provider may need to be Hague accredited.


Home Study Resources: 

Home Study Process Overview

Questions for Home Study Provider