Providing Stable Families for Vulnerable Children

We provide vulnerable children with a stable family and a unique Continuum of Care from childhood through young adulthood so they can grow into godly leaders in their communities, transforming Haiti for Christ. 


Every child needs a stable, nurturing family to thrive. We place 12 extremely vulnerable boys or girls in a loving home called a Home of Hope, led by a married, Haitian mom and dad.


Surrounded by family, most for the very first time, each child receives the love, spiritual guidance and close parental relationships they need to feel safe and secure. Then, through a Continuum of Care that is totally unique to LSM, we begin to provide all the things a child needs to heal from the harsh experiences of their past and be equipped for the future as godly leaders who can help their own communities.


We help children with their ability to learn, think and problem solve within their own culture and community. Our team of Haitian and American staff offers special training, resources and one-to-one educational support for each child. With a well-rounded education including both personal and professional developmental opportunities through young adulthood, our Home of Hope children are equipped far beyond what is normally available in Haiti.


In addition to the family-based Child Development opportunities, we have two private Christian schools that are built and run by local LSM staff at two of our campus locations, providing quality education to over 300 students (both Home of Hope children and those from the surrounding community.)


After graduating high school, Home of Hope children can then go on to attain higher education or vocational training. No child is phased out of their home after high school. Instead, they are equipped with the additional skills and abilities they need to support themselves.



LSM Tech is a college experience where students come for a two-year program after high school. They live on campus in dorms, learn occupational skills and receive bible training. Many will also attend University while at LSM Tech, while others will go towards more vocational training tracks.


This incredible opportunity equips each student for whatever track best fits their future, whether it be additional training for their vocation, assisting them in obtaining job internships or readying them to receive continued education at university.



While attending LSM Tech, students subsidize a portion of their tuition through work at the Ag Park located on the same campus. They gain hands-on experience while learning and using the skills necessary for animal husbandry, sales and a variety of technical work. This also helps create long-term sustainability for LSM’s overall work in Haiti.


In a country where 80% of adults do not have formal, consistent work, business development is a vital part of creating stability for future generations. LSM is developing multiple businesses in Haiti to provide revenue streams for our ongoing operations, ensure future growth, and create sustainable job opportunities for our Home of Hope children and other Haitians in the surrounding community.