Glimpses of God

If you’re looking for daily encouragement on your walk of faith … look no further!

Ed Schwartz, founder and president of LSM, just released his new devotional book, Glimpses of God: 365 Daily Devotions.




Over a year ago, when Ed first began writing, it was simply a way to chronicle his powerful life experiences. But halfway through writing, he felt God expanding His vision and purpose for the book.

Ed began asking himself, “How can God use my writing to bless these children and inspire those who have so faithfully served alongside us in this life-changing work?”

And so, with that expanded vision to care for more vulnerable children in mind, Glimpses of God has been released.

All costs of the book are covered so that every cent of the purchase price goes directly to the future of these children!

Why is this so important? Because many of the vulnerable children LSM has brought into permanent families have had tragic life stories. Despite their harsh pasts, these same children are finding new hope and opportunity today through God’s life-changing work at LSM.

Since 100% of the proceeds will provide life-changing educational opportunities, we are praying you and many others will feel moved to give $50, $100 or even $500 or more! Any amount will truly make a difference.