Buchers Share New Perspective on Sponsorship After Visiting Haiti

Back in 2017, LSM Family Sponsors Garrett and Jami Bucher had an

incidental opportunity to visit LSM’s Redemption Campus in Haiti and to

meet the kids they support and pray for each month. “Visiting that campus

firsthand helped us understand the reality of what LSM does,” Garrett says.

“More than just buildings and a soccer field, the Redemption campus is a

place that offers life in a country that feels otherwise lifeless. LSM’s Homes

of Hope serve as a city on a hill, a bright light in a place of spiritual darkness.

We’re happy to support our Home of Hope each month because it just takes

a small effort from us, but we know that it makes a huge difference in that

part of the world by providing basic, essential resources and by helping LSM

advance the message of the Gospel where both are greatly needed!”