Fall 2018 Newsletter

Volume 15, Issue 3

Becoming Reality

by Doug Isch, President

When LSM started working in Haiti in 2007, the vision God gave us was very small and very specific: Care for 12 orphaned little boys in the mountains of Haiti.


As we worked to fulfill that small glimpse of what God asked us to do, we continued to learn and grow in what God was seeking to do through LSM. Over the years the vision grew: God was asking us to pave the way for Him to change the country of Haiti for His glory through the children He had entrusted to us. With this calling on our hearts, we set out to add the components necessary to fulfill this call.

Today, the vision has a foundation. Work is nearing completion at the Ag Park, creating sustainable projects and opportunities for our Home of Hope children. LSM Tech should finish up next summer in time for our first round of graduates to move there. Child Development and Trauma Healing programs have been developed and implemented. As you will read, the children are becoming young adults and we are starting to see the first-fruits of the work that has been done. There is a lot of work yet to do, but we are starting to see the vision becoming a reality. Formerly vulnerable children are becoming people that God is using for His glory. It is incredibly rewarding! We recognize that none of this is possible without the faithful support of our donors and God’s provision. This is so much bigger than us. It’s a vision God continues to grow through His people here, in Haiti, and with our vulnerable families in Ethiopia. May God continue to bless each of you as we work together to continue the work God has given us.

Equipping Future Leaders in Haiti

This season has been full of rich memories, new initiatives and building projects. We are seeing the fruit of many years of planning as our kids grow up! We hope you catch the vision and excitement with us as you see what God is doing among 240+ once vulnerable children!


Parent Trauma Seminar

Jean Wesly attended University in the U.S and moved back to Haiti in late May to work with LSM. This summer, he was able to host his first seminar with our staff and parents. The purpose of the seminar is to continue providing valuable information for our parents in understanding the trauma their children have suffered and how they can better serve to connect with them. It was a powerful day!


This is all part of a new Trauma Healing Program that is starting to help our children find healing in Jesus’ word and through the support of our families and staff, as well as equipping parents and staff to better handle the tough life experiences our kids come with.


In addition, some of our parents were able to share testimonies at the seminar of how God has provided in difficult times, how they connect with their children, and other pieces of wisdom they’ve learned along the way. We are blessed by godly staff and parents who are working hard to help nurture the children in their care and help them thrive!



This year was our 9th annual Vacation Bible School in Haiti for our Home of Hope families and children. What a beautiful thing to see a growing group of rescued children given the space to grow in Christ, learn from amazing mentors and just enjoy being together. This year was our 9th annual Vacation Bible School in Haiti for our Home of Hope families and children. What a beautiful thing to see a growing group of rescued children given the space to grow in Christ, learn from amazing mentors and just enjoy being together.


This year, there were several highlights including:

  • A skit by the Torbeck family they called “A Dream for Haiti” where they dreamed that one day Haitians would be able to pull together and transform their own country. That’s our prayer, too!
  • Intense (and very fun!) soccer tournaments
  • Heartfelt worship and great conversations
  • Seminars for the older kids by some of our staff on “How to Choose your Career.” This opened up many good late-night conversations between staff and kids that proved to be an incredible blessing.



Peterson* graduated high school this year! This summer, he’s been interning with LSM’s Architect, Jose, who is currently designing the main classroom building for LSM Tech. Next year, Peterson will live in the dorms at LSM Tech and pursue his degree in the construction field.


Like all of our students who will attend LSM Tech, he’ll learn many vocational skills alongside biblical studies and leadership training. Peterson loves being mentored by Jose and learning about architecture and design. We hope it’s a skill he’ll continue to use for God’s glory as he becomes an adult!


Five other amazing young men and women who are close to graduating are interning this summer at LSM’s Grocery Store that just opened in downtown Les Cayes. From stocking shelves to learning the ropes of being an employee, they’re gaining valuable skills for their future!



LSM Tech: Some of our older children visited LSM Tech for a Leadership Day Camp to learn about next steps after graduation. They also attended a local museum, highlighting the life of a Haitian leader who made a real difference in his community. Please continue to pray that each of our kids would develop a passion for godly leadership in their communities!


Business Development: Our Retail & Development Site is a 10-acre property and has been under construction this summer. It will house space to test new products, refine prospective business models and will also include a strip mall for future business endeavors. This season of building both here and at the Industrial Park is setting LSM up with long-term revenue streams that will help fund our ongoing work in Haiti. These businesses will also provide jobs for our kids as they leave LSM Tech!



The Gospel Project is one effort we’ve taken in the last year to provide our Home of Hope children with tools to share their faith in tangible ways in their own community. Gospel kits are packaged in the States by volunteer groups and sent to Haiti. Our kids are then able to pass these out and share the Gospel message with their neighbors and nearby communities.


This works in connection with the ongoing mentoring that several of our parents are already doing with their kids. From “mission trips” serving other communities to sharing their faith with their next door neighbors, our moms and dads are instilling the Great Commission in their children’s hearts!


This is foundational. We hope The Gospel Project can be a deeply meaningful way for families in the States to invest ALONGSIDE our Home of Hope families, instilling values of faith and action in all our children!


“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!” – 1 John 3:1


The vision is becoming a reality in Ethiopia as well. Vulnerable families are being empowered to thrive, and ultimately begin to transform their communities for Christ! In early August, some of our staff and a large group of volunteers from the local church coordinated the second annual VBS in Woliso, Ethiopia.

The theme, “I’m a Child of God” (in their local language, Oromiffa: “Ani Ijoolle Waaqayyoo Dhaa!”), gave them the platform to share the entire Gospel story with kids. Over a period of five days, the message was clear and full of hope – for both the mothers who brought their children each day and the kids who are receiving a personal message of Jesus’ love for them through games, lessons and encouraging relationships.


Will you help us provide these unique opportunities for once vulnerable children?

Your gift of any amount makes a tangible difference in the lives of these precious families. By providing trainings, summer VBS programs and the ongoing support that allows these families to exist, you are equipping a generation of young men and women who can change their culture for Christ from within.