Fall 2023


LSM strives to take the long view. We recognize that the spiritual investments we make now in the lives of vulnerable children can produce abundant fruit for the Kingdom – even if it takes time. In Haiti, Ethiopia and the U.S. we are seeing Gospel seeds planted in the past becoming a great harvest for God’s glory.

This principle is stated beautifully in Galatians 6:9, where Apostle Paul writes, “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season [at the proper time] we shall reap, if we faint not.” I was recently reminded of this by a young woman who now attends LSM Tech. Her tragic past brought her to a Home of Hope, where seeds of faith were planted and nourished. She was faithful in church attendance and understood the Gospel in principle. But it wasn’t until she arrived at LSM Tech that her heart was convicted to wholeheartedly embrace the Gospel message such that her life was radically transformed. The faithfulness of her Home of Hope parents eventually yielded a harvest in the Lord’s timing!

We praise God that hundreds of once vulnerable children are now reaping blessings from the prayers and giving you have sown into their lives. We are thankful for those who have come alongside LSM, allowing us to plant seeds of faith in vulnerable children and then to purposefully cultivate those seeds through discipleship. No doubt it takes time for many of these seeds to produce a harvest. But when they do, individuals, families, and even nations can be transformed. Thank you for helping to make this possible!

“LSM’s mission is to plant the Gospel in the hearts of children, trusting that God will produce a harvest in generations to come.”


Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere with over a million vulnerable or orphaned children. Our Haitian staff is sowing seeds of encouragement and faith into the lives of hundreds of children. One little boy named Samuel came to us abused, abandoned and greatly in need of a Healer. This is his story.

Samuel* was born into extreme poverty. At 7 months old, his father died, leaving him alone with his alcoholic mother. As Samuel became a toddler, his mother began to abuse him, beating him severely and leaving scars on his young face. At age 5, his mother abandoned him to go live with another man. This young boy had no siblings to care for him, no relatives to live with, and no church family to support him. He was left all alone.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, we recently opened the Joseph Home of Hope (our 22nd HOH in Haiti) and Samuel was placed with his new family! By God’s grace, Samuel and his new Home of Hope brothers are now receiving love, care, and healing. They attend school and church, where seeds of faith are planted in their young hearts. We also praise God that their Home of Hope parents, Josier and Guerdy, encourage them to put their hope in Christ as they begin healing from their painful pasts. This is the remarkable transformation that occurs every time a new Home of Hope is opened! You will be hearing news in the future about the Isaac Home of Hope that opened in September.

Thanks to the loving compassion of caring people just like you, Samuel is no longer alone. As seeds of faith are planted, we pray that one day he and his Home of Hope brothers will have a personal relationship with Jesus and be equipped to transform Haiti for Christ!

*name changed for privacy


Our Family Preservation Program Summer Camp recently hosted over 50 children at our Addis Ababa inner-city location. The children attended camp 3 days a week for 6 weeks. For children who have experienced heartache and trauma, this time together allows them to become more deeply rooted in their growing faith. Our staff focused on spiritual and social growth for each child and offered trauma counseling. The children also enjoyed Bible stories, crafts and worship!

We rejoice that our Ethiopian staff are passionate to plant the Gospel message in young hearts so that it can germinate and bring about the fruit of salvation! Jesus taught that only seeds planted in rich soil will grow deep roots (Mt 13). We’re thankful more than 50 kids at Summer Camp were given tools to enrich the soil of their hearts!


Our USA program helps local foster and adoptive children and their families to reach their God-given potential. We assist in three key ways: First, we provide free Christian counseling so these families can find healing and hope for a better future. Second, we offer foster and adoptive parents a free stay at our beautiful LSM Respite Home, which provides an opportunity to relax, recharge and reconnect. Third, we help couples navigate the complexities of the adoption process. These three important initiatives provide help, healing and restoration to local families on the front lines of caring for children. You make it possible!


Pray for HAITI and the additional children being served by the new Homes of Hope. We praise God for our Haitian staff members who share the Gospel with those in need.

Pray for our FAMILY PRESERVATION PROGRAM IN ETHIOPIA as vulnerable children are challenged to grow deeper in their faith and are empowered to share the Gospel with others in their community.

Pray that our USA PROGRAM will bring God’s healing love and stability to even more foster and adoptive children and their families.

YOUR PARTNERSHIP allows us to give vulnerable children a chance to thrive. We can’t do this without you. Will you join us?