A Restavek Daughter of Haiti



Ed Schwartz, LSM’s Founder & Director of New Initiatives, first visited Haiti in 1985 and saw a nation troubled with death, extreme poverty and pain. The more he got to know the men and women, who he now considers good friends, he was struck by their deep faith in God. He wondered, “How could their faith be so strong and hopeful despite the hopelessness surrounding them?”


Over the years the answer to that question became clearer in his mind. Haitians have been fighting for hope for centuries. It’s in their blood and deeply woven in their country’s culture. Ed knew then that their story of struggle was worth telling.

Esther’s Legacy is a culmination of decades of listening, research and a God-inspired passion for the Haitian people. This novel follows the lives of several young people, characters inspired by real individuals who Ed has met over his years of working in Haiti.




Due to poverty, 300,000 of Haiti’s children have had to leave their birth families to live with other families. Often forced into a life of servitude, abuse and loss, their lives go from bad to worse. Esther’s Legacy follows the lives of four young men and women as they intertwine in desperate efforts to break free from the physical and emotional bondage of being Haitian restaveks.


This novel is about the exploitation, trafficking and abuse of many children endure around the world. What is the answer? Is it possible for cultures to change? Can Esther, Marco, Evens and Jesulah find freedom and hope?


Find out in this important narrative account, which shines a light on the present reality for Haiti’s children.



Your donation of any amount will go directly to help former child slaves experience the love of a Christian family.  We trust Esther’s Legacy is a blessing to you and draws you closer to the the Father-heart of God.