a note from Ed Schwartz, Founder & Director of New Initiatives, LSM


Has God ever given you an unexpected idea that you can’t get out of your mind? An idea that He could potentially use for His glory and the good of others? God recently did that for me!

In Escape from Quarantine you will enjoy twists and turns, interesting scenarios, and a sprint toward freedom! This board game is for 2 – 8 players, ages 5 to adult.


While the game is lots of fun, my prayer is that it serves a higher purpose:

  1. Strengthen family bonding through a game night.
  2. Provide hope and healing through a game about a difficult time in our lives.
  3. Create permanent Haitian families for orphans, vulnerable children and child slaves.


How does this game help vulnerable children? Simple. You order a game by making a donation to LSM. Since someone covered the cost of making the game and volunteer labor is used, 100% of the proceeds go to LSM. While the retail value is $20.00 plus shipping, God would be honored if your donation went above and beyond in helping orphans, vulnerable children and child slaves have a family.


When you donate, you are spreading hope to those who are vulnerable and blessing others with the gift of a loving family!


To pre-order a copy of this game, simply make a donation to LSM by clicking on the link below.


Donate today and your game will be shipped in early June!


Our lives have drastically changed in the past few months. Although it has undoubtedly been difficult, perhaps this time has strengthened your family bonding time. Perhaps you’ve found yourself rushing out the door less and sitting around the table with your family more!

During unexpected times in my life, I am always amazed how God is able to bring good from bad. He is a God of Redemption! My prayer is that God will use this game to be a source of encouragement to families here in the US and in Haiti during this difficult time.

Serving the Lord with you,

Ed Schwartz

Founder, LSM