Joel and Becky Browning and three of their children are working with Loving Shepherd Ministries in Les Cayes, Haiti. Joel is responsible for the service and maintenance of the LSM fleet, which includes motorcycles, vehicles and other equipment at LSM properties… generators, tractors, rock crusher.


But it goes way beyond broken machines. Joel’s favorite part of the work is developing the relationships with LSM’s Haitian staff. Joel says, “I have some very encouraging and meaningful conversations under the hood of a vehicle. God uses broken machines so that I can get to know the man next to me.”

He continues, “God has led us directly to where we are today. If you isolate the mechanics and you isolate the vehicles you can’t see how that is impacting the children. But if you look at the overall mission of LSM, you can see the broader picture. Safe transportation is important so that our team can bring supplies to the homes, the Trauma Team can visit each family, others can take pictures. Every part of the organization, whether it’s taking care of the yard, maintaining vehicles, or taking pictures… it’s all important! It reminds me of the church. It’s a body. Every person has a function that is vital and crucial to LSM’s ministry.”


Joel and Becky and their three youngest children are committed to spending several months each year in Haiti training Haitian staff to run and operate a functional fleet of vehicles for LSM. Becky also assists with the Trauma Healing Program and helping her husband with the administrative needs for the auto repair shop. Their passion for service and love for the LSM Haitian staff all contributes to LSM’s long-term goal of seeing future generations transforming their culture for Christ. But it’s not possible without you!



If you would like to generously support the Browning’s work with LSM in Haiti, you can give either a one-time gift or become an ongoing supporter! Your giving helps train Haitians for generations to come with valuable skills and further the mission of LSM to transform generations for Christ!


  • That they could intentionally use their time in activities for the Kingdom of God
  • For effective and genuine love for each other and those around them
  • That they could build lasting relationships with their Haitian co-workers
  • That Joel could mentor Haitian mechanics to eventually run all mechanics and maintenance for LSM
  • That Becky could help grow the Trauma Healing Program with LSM


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