LSM BrickHouse serves Indiana families through Free Family Counseling, Structured Foster Care, and Mentoring & Vocational Training

LSM supports foster and adoptive families living in Northeast Indiana by providing a FREE family counseling service to children and adults. Contact Adam Carroll to learn more about this service.

The greatest need in our local foster care system is aid for hard-to-place teens. We provide a “structured foster care,” in which LSM partners with experienced foster parents, providing discipleship, life skills, and trauma resources to help the teens succeed.

We provide assistance above and beyond foster family counseling to young people in the community in need of other services, such as mentoring and vocational aid.


Supporting our BrickHouse Farm Store helps us provide free counseling for area foster families and free vocational training and mentorship for young people, as well as our structured foster care service for hard-to-place foster children. For regular updates on our sales and specials, you can follow our store on Facebook. Thanks for supporting this vital work here in Northeast Indiana!



Starting as a local Bluffton, IN ministry, BrickHouse began serving vulnerable young men through a residential program in 2006. They expanded to two local properties – an in-town location used for offices and a school along with a residential home on a fully functioning 40-acre farm and store that contributes to the long-term sustainability of the program. It also provides valuable life skills for the boys living there. Every young man that has come to BrickHouse so far been a private placement.


In August 2019, BrickHouse merged with Loving Shepherd Ministries to reimagine programs and expand their outreach to more hurting young men and women in the foster care system and beyond. In 2020, we launched our first structured foster care initiative at our our town house property in Bluffton, Indiana, which provides a loving home to up to five hard-to-place girls. We also provided more than 500 hours of free counseling to 30 foster and adoptive families in northeast Indiana.


Now in 2021, we are preparing to launch a second foster family initiative for hard-to-place boys at our farmhouse location. It’s been very exciting to bring the same trauma recovery, discipleship and development resources that have been successful in Haiti and Ethiopia back to the U.S. to meet the needs of vulnerable young people living here at home.




The best person to guide any of us on our path to obtaining a new quality of character or new set of skills is a mentor, someone who has walked the path ahead of us. Mentors are particularly crucial to the hard-to-place foster youth, such as those served by LSM BrickHouse. Do you have a skill that you would like to teach our children, like leadership or public speaking? Contact us today!



We hope you’re as excited as we are about this new outreach of LSM. We ask that you cover this ministry expansion in prayer. Through significant restructuring of BrickHouse and their work, we pray that we could develop the LSM BrickHouse Program into a God-honoring, fruitful ministry that helps vulnerable young people become healthy, thriving adults.



LSM BrickHouse’s boys’ home in Bluffton operates a farm store, which offers great deals on delicious premium beef, pork, chicken, eggs and more, fresh off the farm. We’re widely known for having some of the highest quality meats in our region. Best of all, purchases provide beneficial work and financial support for area foster kids. Stop in and taste the difference for yourself!