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Discovery: A Vision Trip’s Experience in Haiti

Joe Gerber and Gabe Walder (LSM Staff), took a Vision Team to Haiti last week. Gabe shares his thoughts from their week on today’s blog!


Anyone that is experiencing Haiti for the first time experiences new emotions and realizations from day one. It can be overwhelming to take in any country for the first time and in the case of Haiti realities such as lack of infrastructure, poverty, and domestic slavery can be almost too difficult to understand. Unfortunately, many Americans traveling to Haiti are left feeling helpless or end up supporting non-profits that are thought up by, organized, and run by Americans. These initiatives often fizzle out within the first few years. In contrast LSM’s programs are sustained by the Haitians themselves and are dedicated to transforming the country for God’s glory over the long haul. The understanding that Americans will never save Haiti but only Haitians can have a lasting positive impact on the country remains central to LSM’s beliefs.

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Five Years Ago Today…

Five years ago today, an entire country was flipped upside down in a massive earthquake. We just want to take a moment to remember and pray for Haiti.

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A Look at Our Week

There always seems to be a lot going on at LSM. Our staff puts in great effort to maintain day-to-day operations, grow our programs and dream of new and exciting ways we can further change children’s lives. This week is no exception. Here’s just a hint of some exciting things happening in Haiti this week:

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This Year

We’re off to a great start in 2015 and are so excited for what we’ve got planned this year! As we look for deeper ways to invest in the lives of the children we serve, we are so thankful for how God’s providing for each step we take.


Check out some of what’s happening:

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Swimming and The Gospel

The tension was unnaturally thick in the concrete building last week.  Nearly 40 people were there facing several LSM staff in what was quickly turning into a different meeting than LSM anticipated. They’d met last Tuesday to discuss with the community the security issues around the 40-acre LSM Ranch. Some local boys had been wriggling through the barbed wire and cactus fence to go swimming in a steep and deep pond on the LSM property. Concerned for their safety, LSM staff had told the boys to stop, and then approached the mayor when they kept sneaking over. But now, sitting across from some upset men, women and the local judge, LSM staff sensed it was about a lot more than boys swimming where they shouldn’t.

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