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First Thoughts in Haiti: A Vision Trip

This week, we’ve got a group from Holland Heights Church in Michigan visiting our work in Haiti. They’re experiencing many “firsts” and we’re so excited for the impact that it’s having in their hearts. Their church sponsors one of our Home of Hope families – and among learning about Haitian culture and witnessing a much different lifestyle, they’ve also been able to spend time with the family they support.


Here’s a few things they’re saying about their experiences so far:


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You won’t want to miss this…

We hope you’ll join us at some of these exciting events this fall to impact the lives of vulnerable children! These are just a few of the things we’ve got planned over the next few months.


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Talking about Orphan Care

How do you teach your kids about orphan care? How do you instill a passion for the vulnerable as they grow up? 


If you have a passion to care for the fatherless, them I’m guessing those questions have crossed your mind. You want to pass on that message to your children and raise them to do what they can with the gifts they’ve been given. You want them to carry that banner of bringing hope for the “least of these” into the next generation. So how do you effectively do that?

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When We Don’t know what Family is

Last week in Memphis, TN, three young people were brutally attacked – seemingly at random. It was incredible violence that almost left three dead. The father of one of the young boy’s attacked gave an insightful response in the days that followed. It wasn’t anger. It was a real look at what happens when families aren’t in tact.


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School Supplies & Crossing Cultures

I just walked through the supermarket and saw the remnants of rows and rows of #2 pencils, folders and all sorts of cool school supplies. School’s back in session and our economy thrives with the boost of sales. Kids are prepped for the first day with the trendiest lunch boxes and folders (when I was young, it was glittery Lisa Frank folders with unicorns and puppies on them… classy, I know.) As I think about all those supplies and moms with their lists from teachers in hand, I wonder if they know how incredibly blessed they are with all these options. Do we stop and think about that very often in the hustle of getting prepped to send kids back to school?

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Global Scale & Our Ultimate Purpose

The Global Slavery Index is full of startling information breaking down the amount of slavery per country worldwide. If you’re looking for some perspective in life, this is something to check out. It’s also a very helpful resource when looking at some of the world’s greatest slavery. It’d be easy, looking at this map, to quickly become overwhelmed by the amount of injustice. But what if we do a bit of a purpose check on our hearts when we looked at startling stats like this?

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A Glimpse at our Staff in Haiti

We couldn’t say enough good things about the staff we have in Haiti. From our office staff, construction teams and Ranch workers to the counseling and pastoral roles others take on to care for all the needs of our families – there are big, incredibly challenging roles to fill. God has certainly blessed us with passionate, Godly people whose hearts are tuned to the work at hand.

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The Last Day of VBS

We are so full of memories. I think the families will carry them deep within their hearts. These are precious times of friendships that are built and nurtured. Biblical truths are reinforced and the Godly examples of many believers being laid out before them. It is a powerful experience for our families to be together for a whole week of VBS.

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VBS Day 5 (Sunday)

Sunday was celebrated at the Cancer Redemption Church with all 16 Homes of Hope and visitors present. What a powerful day. This was the first Sunday that the Cancer Redemption Church held a service. Many of the homes shared songs, the new Pastor gave a moving sermon and we joined together as we thanked God for so much in this place.

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VBS Day 3 & 4

We’re ending the 4th day at VBS. It’s been an incredible time so far with many good memories.

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