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This Summer in Haiti

This summer, our Home of Hope families are keeping busy! Here are a few things going on:

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Those Who Are Still Looking for Freedom

This weekend, we will celebrate our country’s independence and freedom. We will gather with friends and family and thank God for the freedoms we have been blessed with in this land – mostly things we have never lived without.


But we don’t begin to understand the magnitude of what we celebrate if we don’t know the power of what freedom really is. Today, there are people around the world who have never known this kind of freedom. They are men, women and children who do not know what it means to dream of a better future. They do not know what it is to celebrate freedom, either individually or as a nation. They are the world’s most vulnerable.

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Izzie was born in a one-room shack with a crack wide enough to see the street activity right outside. Loud horns, scrounging dogs, people walking back and forth all day… and then the night.

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Justice for the Long Haul

I sat in a dimmed auditorium listening to powerful words from a host of speakers at the Justice Conference 2015. Those two days were full of passionate leaders who are tackling extreme poverty, promoting peace in Israel and rescuing trafficked victims. Each has there own area with their own challenges. But each came back to the same place, reminding us that:


“Justice is what love looks like when we are facing the problems that our neighbors are dealing with.” – N.T. Wright

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Chickens, Children & Change

What do chickens have to do with caring for vulnerable children? 

This can be best explained as you take a tour of our Vocational Ranch in Fondfrede, Haiti with Ernso. He’ll show you the flock we’re continuing to grow, explain the process of raising chicks through the molting process and finally landing them in the main laying house. He would show you how they collect and clean the eggs and send them off to markets in the local areas. But what he’d really explain is why.

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It will be our love…

“It will be our love, not our opinions, which will be our great contribution to the world.” – Bob Goff


For all of the programs and educational opportunities we create for the vulnerable children we serve, there is no greater piece to our ministry than love.

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Where do you start? Encouragement and Resources for the Adoption Journey

Recently at CAFO2015 we had the privilege of talking to many people who are pursuing a growing passion for the vulnerable – particularly those interested in adoption. It’s an exciting journey to be a part of. But we also recognize that it’s a hard one.


If you weren’t there but suddenly wish you would have been to ask some of those questions, you haven’t missed your opportunity. Check out some resources and downloads from our breakout sessions below:


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Empowering Mothers and their Children this Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, will you join us to empower mothers to care for their children with dignity in Ethiopia?


Mothers like Betti have raised their children to the best of their ability in a land where extreme poverty has left them with few options. Her children, facing dark realities about how their mother provides for them, grow up as outcasts in their society, unrecognized and forfeiting any hope of a future.


But this Mother’s Day, we empower mothers like Betti so she can provide for her children with dignity. As we celebrate our own mothers, wouldn’t it be exciting if we could celebrate motherhood for her too? 


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Words Don’t Come Close

“It is hard to know how to express the thoughts that ran through my mind as I attended the Cancer Redemption Project church dedication.  Seeing the campus with all the buildings complete, feeling the children’s arms around me again, interacting with the LSM staff who on a daily basis carry out the mission of serving vulnerable children. Feeling so blessed that God allowed our family to be part of His amazing work in Haiti.” – Jenny Bertsch

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CRP Church & School Dedication

On Sunday, the church and school at the Cancer Redemption Project will be officially dedicated for God’s service. We’re so thrilled for the powerful impact this will have – not only in the lives of the 72 children who now are in permanent families at the CRP campus, but for the entire surrounding community.


We’d encourage you to read Jenny Bertsch’s thoughts as she and her two children travel to Haiti for the dedication. 

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