About Loving Shepherd Ministries

Pursuing God’s Best for Vulnerable Children

We serve the world’s most vulnerable children through a unique Continuum of Care that EQUIPS each child to reach their full God-given potential, EMPOWERS them to change their communities for Christ as self-sufficient adults, and ENABLES them to pass their leadership skills to the next generation and permanently break the cycles of poverty and despair.

Through the generosity and prayerful support of our donors, our devoted staff, and our dedicated local partners working on-site in the countries we serve, we are accomplishing this grand vision in places where it is needed most. Places where resources are extremely limited and vulnerable children are the least likely to survive.


Our unique Continuum of Care begins by placing every child we serve within a loving, nurturing family who helps guide them all the way through adulthood.


A vulnerable child (often orphaned, exploited or severely at-risk) needs the love and stability of a family where they can, first and foremost, know they are safe, they are important, and they are a child of God. When the home is stable, a child has the foundation they need to thrive.


Once surrounded by the physical and emotional support in their home, they need resources, opportunities and personal guidance at each stage of life. This includes a quality education, child development programs, counseling, one-to-one educational support, biblical discipleship and leadership training.


It’s our goal to see each child grow into a competent, confident adult who can care for their own family and reach out in their own community! We continue to come alongside them with advanced educational and vocational opportunities so they can one day become self-sufficient providers for themselves and for their own children.


All of this culminates in a generation of leaders who are investing in their own communities, with minimal Western influence, fueled by the inherent worth of all children. Sweeping change happens as these formerly vulnerable children impact their various communities throughout their country by their spiritual examples, capable leadership and vocational skills.